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If your paper is accepted for publication in International Journal of Engineering Research & Management (IJERM), you will get the account detail with the acceptance letter of your paper. You can deposit your fee by deposition fee in nearly bank branch OR online transfer.
Indian Authors
Other Countries Authors
For Standard Author ( B.Tech./ M.Tech./ M.Sc./ MCA/ Ph.D etc )
3500 INR
70 USD
Maximum four authors are allowed in one research paper.
Publication Charges includes Publication of one entire research paper online
(Life time), hosting charges, Soft copy of certificate, editorial expenses, Indexing etc.

For Indian Authors For International Authors
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For Indian Authors    For International Authors

Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
Account Name:Eclat Research Publication
Account Number: 3953002100016530
Branch Name: PNB, Mansarovar,  (Jaipur)
IFSC Code: PUNB0395300
MICR Code:302024022
Account Type: Current


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