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Q-1. How do I submit the paper? 
Ans. The researcher needs to email the paper to editor.ijerm@gmail.com OR editor@ijerm.com . Editorial support staffs shall acknowledge the receipt of the manuscript within 24 hours. IJERM publish one issue in every month. (12 issues per year). 

Q-2. How much time would the review process take?
Ans. Each submission undergoes a detailed but rapid review by our esteemed reviewers. The review process will be completed expectedly within 02-04 days. 
Q-3. Do you provide any certificate?
 Yes, we provides "Soft copy of Certificate of Publication" to all of our authors.
Q-4. How much do i have to pay for publication Fee ?
Indian Authors
Other Countries Authors
For Standard Author ( B.Tech./ M.Tech./ M.Sc./ MCA/ Ph.D etc )
3500 INR
70 USD
Q-5. Where can i find Manuscript Preparation Guidelines?
Ans. The Format of IJERM is given in paper format link. Just Download the format and prepare the manuscript in the format.
Q-6. Where can i find Copyright Transfer form ?
AnsIf your paper is selected, download the copy Right form from the page and send it to editor.ijerm@gmail.com OR editor@ijerm.com

Q-7. How to deposit publication fees ?
For Indian Author payment can be done by ‘Payumoney’ and Bank account transfer to PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK (NEFT) Payment by direct (Cash) deposit of fees in Account 

For Foreign Author payment can be done by ‘PayPal’ and  Swift code transfer OR Western Union Money Transfer