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Volume 01 Issue 04 (July 2014)

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Authors : Ezeh J.C., Ibearugbulem O. M., Nwaokorie M. C., Njoku K.O.

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Abstract : This paper presents a computer program written with visual basic that is capable of handling any n x n eigenvalue matrix problem that uses lump mass matrix. The program outputs the characteristic polynomial and eigenvalues of any n x n matrix eigenvalue problem. The program is written base on the application of Householder’s technique and Newton-Raphson iteration technique. Householder’s technique was used to generate the characteristics polynomial of an eigenvalue problem while the eigenvalues of the characteristics equation are generated using Newton-Raphson’s procedure .The effectiveness of this method was demonstrated by comparing the eigenvalues and the characteristics polynomial obtained in the present study with existing eigenvalues obtained from previous works.

Title : A Elastic Properties of Fibrous Triple Blended Concrete with Flyash and Silica Fume

Authors : M. Bhasker, P. Sreenivasa Rao, B.L.P. Swami

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Abstract : In the present experimental investigation, standard cylinders are cast with M60 grade concrete. Upto 35% of cement is replaced by a combination of flyash and silica fume in different proportions and fibres are added to these combinations in different percentages. Elastic properties of these fibrous triple blended concrete, in terms of Young’s Modulus and Poisson’s ratio are studied. It is found that concrete mix with 15% silica fume and 1.5% fibres is giving the highest Young’s Modulus and lowest Poisson’s ratio. In almost all the mixes tried in the investigation, it is observed that the elastic properties are fairly good.


Authors : Muthuraman S, Nibin T, Kathirvel S

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Abstract : In this paper the demand controlled ventilation for systems serving multiple zones has been analyzed and the result for the effective DCV is discussed. The study is undertaken on HVAC systems for the construction of Eco House, Higher college of Technology, Sultanate of Oman. The main theme of this paper is to identify the problems with CO2 sensors for systems serving multiple zones having variable occupancies. In conventional systems the CO2 sensors will be used to find the CO2 concentrations, and depending upon the concentrations the OA will be varied. This system may not meet the actual demand at each zone. This paper summarizes the analysis of demand controlled ventilation for HVAC systems serving schools and the results are discussed. Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) based demand controlled ventilation (DCV) is an economical means of providing outdoor air to occupied spaces at the rates required by local building codes and ASHRAE Standard 62, “Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.” CO2 -based DCV offers designers and building owners an ability to monitor both occupancy and ventilation rates in a space to ensure there is adequate ventilation at all times.


Authors : Mr. Nagendra Saxena, Dr. Amod Tiwari

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Abstract : Video conferencing is now certainly growing very rapidly. It saves significant amount of money in terms of both travel and time. During the last decade availability of the equipment at the reasonable cost make it affordable to a much wider group of users. It is now widely used in the fields of education, collaborative work between researchers and business communities, telemedicine and in many other fields. On the other hand recent terrorist activities have forced many organizations and government agencies to re-examine their existing security policies and mechanisms. The government agencies must now carefully safeguard their sensitive data transmission. This paper presents to improve the clarity of sound and visibility of image using java tools and mathematical protocols.

Title : Rough and Fuzzy Set Approaches to Information Retrieval Research: A Review

Authors : Vivek Badhe, Dr. R.S. Thakur, Dr. G.S. Thakur

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Abstract : The majority of approaches to information mining focus on to improve information retrieves system performance. The main methodology underlying these approaches is to make approximate matches between query and documents in terms of recall level and ranking. Generally speaking, there are few approaches that have already been induced in modern search engines and crawlers. The purpose of this paper is to review the existing approaches of association rule mining, clustering and information retrieval based on rough set, fuzzy set and ontology that have been used to increase the effectiveness of information mining system.

Title : Public Information about Environmental Pollution and their Effects

Authors : Fereshteh Bashiri

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Abstract : In this research, we have focused on the different pollution on the environment. We have defined environmental pollution and their effects with air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, light pollution, soil pollution, oil pollution, marine pollution, solid waste, industrial waste chemical pollution and radioactive waste. They can be caused real harm to human health and nonhuman nature. The objective of this paper has been tried to explain and consider this pollution for training the people who had less information about these items. Informing people about hazards environmental pollution and offer ways to solve or reduce this problem is the main item that must we have cared. Increasing information can be caused elimination of these pollution sources with control and prevent. Increase public information about this problem can be helped to people to understand more and improve their knowledge. Then we can introduce the easiest way for solving this problem.

Title : Design of solar cell antenna (SOLAN) in different AgHT-8 patch shape for reflection co-efficient, gain, power and directivity compared with existing AgHT-4 and ITO

Authors : A.Suresh Kumar, S.Sundaravadivelu

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Abstract : Solar cell antenna is a combination of Solar cell and Microstrip antenna. SOLAN design is mainly used in autonomous property for transceiver. RF and Optic are the two intelligence components used to design the SOLAN. It generates DC power supply when light falls on the surface of AgHT-8 and penetrates towards the solar cell. Similarly EM wave falls on the surface of AgHT-8 and produce RF signal. By using SOLAN we can calculate reflection co- efficient, gain and power for different shapes, size and design when compared with existing AgHT-4 and ITO.

Title : New Breed of Single Phase Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter

Authors : V. Arun, B. Shanthi, S.P. Natarajan

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Abstract : This paper presents a new breed of single phase asymmetrical multilevel inverter. The proposed inverter has less number of power semiconductor switches and sources than the conventional multilevel inverters. It is triggered by the Unipolar PWM strategy having sinusoidal and trapezoidal reference with triangular carriers. These Pulse Width Modulating (PWM) strategies include Phase Disposition (PD), Alternate Phase Opposition Disposition (APOD), Carrier Overlapping (CO). Performance factors like Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), VRMS (fundamental), crest factor, Distortion factor and Form factor are evaluated for various modulation indices. Simulations were performed using MATLAB-SIMULINK

Title : Woman and Divine Marriage: Bahà-I-Walad’s View Points

Authors : Ali Akbar Afrasyab Pour, Khadije Talazad

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Abstract : Bahà-I-Walad was an innovative Gnostic whose ideas circumvent the beatific visions with a unique apprehension. His divine eagerness and devotion is manifested in his Gnostic book through his delicate discourse overflowed with color, taste and light. His interlocution is allocated with an apprehension of divine unity using an outstanding taste and tone. He uses such amorous allegories and metaphors usual between lovers to disclose his respect to the dignity and status of women. He considers the worldly love between a spouse and wife as divine and courtly simulating that typical tone in his interlocutions to disclose his divine love. This methodology that was rather divine and spiritual led to the emergence of many Gnostic and scholarly women.

Title : An Introduction to the Relationship of Mystical Experience and Psychology

Authors : Ali Akbar Afrasyab Pour, Khadije Talazad

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Abstract : "Experience" as a basis for understanding or knowledge derived from sense perception (outward or inward), is accounted for most of the human knowledge. One variety of experience, mystical experience is unmediated encounter with the sacred and the spiritual, in the human conscience and the world and Intuitive perceptions, spiritual states of heart, revelations, ecstasies and the waking or dream events are happened to be included. A mystical experience is the knowledge of Unitarianism and contrary to the common belief can be expressed in the language of mystics. Based on the results of recent studies in psychology and meta-psychology and mysticism, such as verifiability to sensory experience, visibility compliance with the conditions and preparations (which are difficult to find), is accessible to everyone. This article suggests allocations in areas such as psychology and mysticism in the fields such as mystical experience, perfect human, the knowledge of self-consciousness and the study of unconsciousness.

Title : Searching for an Alternative Information System: The Demolition of Caste

Authors : Debasis Patnaik

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Abstract : This issue of caste is of seminal importance in a society where it is a matter of psychological identity for functional distributive reward structure despite the inequities it breeds and the insensitivities perpetrated in the name of human progress. Individual progress becomes a clarion call only for the elites and the haves and the rest are deemed inefficient and disabled. Such a society must necessarily be functionally and structurally corrupt without any way out for individual, minority and collective redemption. Unfortunately, caste means lower caste and they are in a majority. So, economic growth indicators hide distributive injustice. However even if we concede that poverty is falling and that economic liberalization and globalization, land reforms, industrialization and education has helped mitigate caste inequalities, progress has been slow and humiliating. This entails a reaction and thus the psychological identity and status structure gets inbuilt into the system. Reward and penalty structure breed further conflicts and strengthens overreaction generating mass movements. Such movements breeds counter movements and isolationism and erodes cooperative impulses needed for national and universal consciousness. Census is an instrument for constant and recurring social transformations to fulfill the objectives of the Constitution. However, the Indian Constitution does not talk of caste but of class consciousness that is supposed to be secular, objective and measurable. Caste is multidimensional, often tracing esoteric and unidentifiable origins and made to relate to religious aspirations of people. Deservingness of humans is attributed to gods and god fathers and so caste persists in some form or other in sub-systemic envelopes for a further super-systemic aggregation for identity formation and group conflict. It is feared that census will showcase classification and lend a stamp of permanency to perceived and attributed caste identities. It is also feared that caste will bring in alternative alignments across political parties over the entire Indian landscape thus making political party based politics redundant, treacherous and explosive. It is this above problematic that make for a search of an alternative paradigm imperative: a paradigm of voluntary transformation based on transparent disclosures. Every individual and social group will on its own accord give to itself identities and justify change. False claims will be tested and penalized as it serves a social purpose. The methodology has a dual character: normative individualism of Rawls and transcendental institutionalism of Sen. The former justifies the inner and latter the outer. The second pillar of Sen’s approach in his theory of Justice, that is, social realization, does not need a comparative approach and is neutral in its binary relational structures. So while Census enumerates various demographic and ethnographic details, its informational structure is subject to an interactive medium for informational focus. The process is to be overseen by a Census Commissionerate with a technological interface with possibility of uploading and revising information returned by stakeholders in the system. Any change of information has to be queried periodically by regional branches of the Commissionerate and action taken on false information to comply with citizen legitimacy. This alternative information structure is interactive and has other supportive structures like classificatory income sources, HH size, historical consumption profiles, endowments, reputation as a public good (leadership profiles), gender profiles, dependents, children’s educational status. Criteria can be worked out to measure (horizontal and vertical) mobility and acquisitions regionally, socially and economically. While this will help focus on possible inequities based on achievement profiles, transparency disclosures provide a sense of involvement and commitment for future progress. It also shows the nature of group movements and alignments based on reward structures and potentials of progress. Corruption is endemic to the system and human character is subject to experiments and change. Normative idealism provides a witness for progress based on voluntary disclosures. If the latter is lacking then there is need for retrieval of information and so possibility of high transaction costs. It is mutual interaction between the state and the individual that is the cornerstone of this technology interface for affirmative action. This is an alternative approach to information sharing in the sense that it is client or agent based not principal based.


Authors : Sirous Hassannejad, Nariman Sepehrianphar, Elham Abbasvand

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Abstract : In order to assessment of weed species in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) of Miandoab county (northwest of Iran), 46 fields were surveyed in 2014. Weed species density and cover percentage were recorded for ranking of species and families by relative dominance (RD) and Family dominance index (FDI). A total 61 weed species belonging to 21 plant families were recorded. 75.41% of weed species were dicotyledonous, and 24.59% of them were monocotyledonous. 67.21 27.86, and 4.91% of weeds were annual, perennial, and biennial, respectively. 57.38% and 36.07% of weeds were therophytes and hemicryptophytes, respectively. Geophyte and phanrophyte with 4.91 and 1.63% of plants respectively have minimum frequency in this region. Poaceae, Asteraceae and Chenopodiaceae families were dominant plant families and Polygonum arvicular, Chenopodium album, Convolvulus arvensis, Cynodon dactylon and Alhaji persarum were dominant weed species in wheat fields. Convolvulus arvensis had maximum density (11.65 plants m-2). Convolvulus arvensis, Polygonum arvicular and Chenopodium album with maximum uniformity in distribution in wheat fields of this county, were weeds that had tolerant to management methods.


Authors : Elham Abbasvand, Sirous Hassannejad, Jalil Shafagh-Kolvanagh

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Abstract : Knowledge about vegetation communities and survey of affecting factors on their behavior would allow choosing the best strategy for the moderate of them. In this research, we are looking to find relationships between plant species and their correlations with environmental and management methods. Investigations in 9 hills of Khalatposhan-Tabriz rangelands and data analyses with principal component analysis (PCA) and canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) showed relationships between weeds and rangelands species each other, with altitude, geographical direction, and woody and non-woody of sampling areas. Achillea tenuifolia, Alyssum dasycarpum, and Salvia nemerosa were found in all sampling units, whereas Lepidium perfoliatum, Medicago sativa and Taeniatherum crinitum. were only found in the first hill, due to its high altitude and other differential parameters. A CCA ordination showed that altitude and geographical direction had the highest and lowest effect on species composition, respectively. So that maximum richness was observed in the first hill. Capsella bursa-pastoris, Centaurea virgata, Dianthus crinitus and Hordeum spontaneum had a special correlation to woody hills, but Bromus tectrom, Euphorbia Szovitsii and Salvia nemorosa had not special attachment to certain conditions.

Title : Conserve Electrical Energy From Wind Of The Around Of The Vehicles with using of Managing Of Effective Parameters by Topsis Method

Authors : Danial Zaghi, Araz Afsharifard, Aidin ZojajiKohan , Aidin Zaghi

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Abstract : In this research, utilizing airflow around any moving vehicles such as public transportation to obtain electrical energy, has been studied. Moving vehicles create airflow at the same relative speed, which can be used to produce electricity and again be used in transportation energy cycle. It has been studied, with Topsis method, to reveal the best area for installation of the system for better performance .The advantage of this system is the source of its energy, which is unending, and as long as the vehicle moves, the energy is available. This system can be installed around or on top of vehicles such as aircraft and trains, etc. Subsequently ,the systems which achieve optimum renewable energy in the transportation system must be generated by progressive technology because this one decreases the cost of energy in the transportation system dramatically despite the fact that there are a lot of speedy systems for transporting so the source of energy which there is anyplace in city where there is transportation system can be utilized for flourishing the system.

Title : Development of various curing effect of nominal strength Geopolymer concrete

Authors : S. Kumaravel

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Abstract : Geopolymer concrete is an innovative method and is produced by complete elimination of ordinary Portland cement by-produced in fly ash. This study on different condition of curing in geopolymer concrete suitable for curing at ambient and heat-cured condition of temperature will widen its application to concrete structures. Low lime fly ash is used as the base material, which is reacted by alkaline solution and additional use of ground granulated blast furnace slag. Workability of fresh concrete and compressive strength of geopolymer concrete was investigated. The curing effect of geopolymer concrete is steam, hot air and ambient cubes specimens are tested in different days. Results are compared for various curing and strength of concrete.

Title : Different Strategies of Load Balancing In Grid Computing

Authors : Mr. Ramesh Prajapati, Dr. Samrat Khanna

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Abstract : Grid computing is the collection of computer resources from various area or locations to achieve a common goal. Grid computing is a distributed computing that includes sharing of data and storage, computational power and resources over network across dynamic organizations. Workload and resource management are two main functions by Grid. The goal of Grid computing is to create the illusion of a simple but large and powerful self-managing virtual computer out of a large collection of connected heterogeneous systems sharing various combinations of resources. To achieve the promising potentials of tremendous distributed resources, effective and efficient load balancing are fundamentally important Load balancing enables in effective technique of resources to improve the overall performance of the system. With the increase in system size, the probability of occurrence the main goal of load balancing is to provide a distributed, low cost, scheme that balances the load across all the processors. The purpose of this paper is to review various different load balancing for the grid based distributed network and identify gaps between them. Many load balancing algorithms are already implemented which works against various issues like scalability, heterogeneity.

Title : An empirical study on effective learning in Gilgit-Baltistan

Authors : Razia Bano

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Abstract : The aim of undertaking this study is to explore ways for provision of effective learning and how is it dependent on exploring the learning-styles of learners. How it is essential to be known as discovery of learning-styles paves way for improved teaching and instructions. Why is it important for people to know about their learning styles and how it helps for their learning to be productive? The study at the end will tell that provision of effective learning necessitates numerous steps including identification of people’s likes and dislikes and to believe that the humans are the most complicated entity with individual differences. In a pluralistic society these differences are honored. The learning model of Honey and Mumford was used for this study that categorizes learners in four groups of learning styles including activists, reflectors, theorists and pragmatics. Students from colleges and Karakuram International University of Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan were provided these questionnaires for collection of data. Majority seemed to have favored the pragmatist approach as it balances between theory and action. Undoubtedly theory followed practical lasts a perpetual impact on the personality which is called effective learning. However, it is equally important to note that besides the centrality of the learner it also matters in learning that the kind of infrastructure is built, the physical environment provides and the richness of curriculum or material used. Strong institutional setups can surely produce learned and scholars. In the third world including Pakistan weak institutional system has also been a hindrance in effective learning.


Authors : Irshad Basha Shaik, G.Naveen, M.Kondalu, S.Ananthasai

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Abstract : With the progress of “more electric aircraft,” introducing active power filter (APF) technology into the aircraft power system to improve its quality and reliability catches growing interest. In this paper, based on the analysis and modeling of the shunt APF with close-loop control, a feed forward compensation path of load current is proposed to improve the dynamic performance of the APF. The two H-bridge cascaded inverter is selected for the aeronautical APF (AAPF). Justifications paper for topology choosing and corresponding system control method are given. Furthermore, the global framework and operation principle of the proposed AAPF are presented in detail. A prototype with the load power of 7.2 kVA is built and tested in the laboratory. Experimental results verify the feasibility of the proposed AAPF and the high performance of the control strategy during steady-state and dynamic operations.The increasing use of electrical power in place of hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical power is demanding more advanced aircraft power systems. The concept of the “all-electric aircraft” and the “more electric aircraft” (MEA) have been introduced to overcome some of the drawbacks found in conventional architectures and bring more attractive advantages, such as improved fuel consumption and lower maintenance and operation costs. This implies an increase of the electrical load and power electronic equipment, higher consumption of electrical energy, more demand for generated power, power quality, and stability problems.

Title : Grid Connected Wind Energy System for Power Quality Improvement by using STATCOM


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Abstract : In this paper integration of wind power to grid introduces power quality issues, which mainly consist of voltage regulation and reactive power compensation. The most used unit to compensate for reactive power in the power systems are either synchronous condensers or shunt capacitors, the latter either with mechanical switches or with Thyristor switch, as in Static VAR Compensator (SVC). The disadvantage of using shunt Capacitor is that the reactive power supplied is proportional to the square of the voltage. To overcomes the above disadvantages; STATCOM is best suited for reactive power compensation and harmonic reduction. It is based on a controllable voltage source converter (VSC). By control of the voltage source converter output voltage in relation to the grid voltage, the voltage source converter will appear as a generator or absorber of reactive power. In this 3-phase separately excited induction generator feeding nonlinear load has been presented. A STATCOM is connected at the point of common coupling with this system in order to compensate the reactive power requirements of induction generator as well as load and also to reduce the harmonics produced by the nonlinear load. Reactive power compensation and harmonic reduction in a low voltage distribution networks for integration of wind power to the grid are the main issues. This Paper proposes a control scheme based on Fuzzy logic for compensating the reactive power requirement of a three phase grid connected wind driven induction generator as well as the harmonics produced by the non linear load connected to the PCC using STATCOM. The proposed control scheme is simulating using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Title : Secure Cloud Transaction Using Password Encryption With Tree

Authors : Gurusharan Kaur, Dr. Rizwana Jamal

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Abstract : Cloud computing technology is an open standard, service-based, Internet-centric, safe, convenient data storage and network computing services. Cloud provides have three service models IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Cloud computing is an internet based model for facilitate convenient, on demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. The software and data that you are using all instead of save on your computer save on server. This concept of using services not stored on your system is called Cloud Computing. A graphical authentication password is a verification program that works when the customer uses proposed table on the basis of which data is substituted. Table is original and it can be used by both sender and receiver to protect data. The proposed algorithm is not easy to crack and enhanced security of the cloud from malicious users.


Authors : Qazi Mohammad Nasir, Hamid Farooq, Sandeep Kumar

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Abstract : Mobile ad-hoc network is an autonomous system of mobile nodes connected by wireless links where each node operates as an end system and a router for all other nodes in the network. These MANETs don’t require any centralized infrastructure to work like we have access point in wireless networks. This is how they find their importance in today’s world were independent systems are preferred. In this paper we have analyzed the performance of routing protocols in terms of Throughput and Packet Delivery Ratio. No hardware is used to accomplish the project. Though a network simulator, NS2 is used which College provides.


Authors : Hamid Farooq, Qazi Mohammad Nasir, Kamal Chhabra

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Abstract : A Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is one that comes together as needed, not necessarily with any support from the existing Internet infrastructure or any other kind of fixed stations. We can formalize this statement by defining an ad hoc network as an autonomous system of mobile hosts (also serving as routers) connected by wireless links, the union of which forms a communication network modeled in the form of an arbitrary graph. But in wireless networks suffers from significant throughput degradation and delays. In this paper we have analyzed the performance of tcp algorithms with AODV, DSR and TORA for throughput. The effect of throughput on the TCP variants New Reno, Reno and Tahoe with different node scenarios was studied.

Title : A Multi-Level Analysis to Improve Scheduling in Distributed Cloud Environment

Authors : Sanket Mani Tiwari

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Abstract : In the Cloud System Job request scheduling is the most critical aspects in a distributed system where many request are maintain in the Queue form. This type of requests is scheduled in such way the cloud system will not get overloaded. In terms of overload a virtual machine raise the delay of the job over the system as well as raise the chances of process failure. In this proposed work, a dominant parametric scheduling mechanism is defined under two level analyses. Criticality, security and efficiency parameters are Consider in this work. In these parameters virtual machines and the user requests both are defined inside in the cloud system. In these papers work defined a multi-level load balanced scheduling mechanism. So in this paper define and categorize the work in different level. In the first level virtual machines are ordered under the capacity and criticality parameters. In the second level, the user requests are ordered under requirements of the resource and the job request time. It is based on these two parameters the cost analysis and performed on server side and client side. At next level, all virtual machines are grouped under the cost analysis so that the sharing of the load among similar kind of machines will be done. At next level, Use the cost level mapping between the server side and client side is performed to allocate the requests to particular virtual machine. So the virtual machine assigns the request and the next work is to perform the execution of the request. During the execution process, the wait time and process time analysis is performed. This analysis shows, the requests are executed in appropriate time frame and the wait time over the system is reduced.

Title : Study of Unattended Object Detection

Authors : Mr. Uttam P. Waghmode, Dr. Mrs. S. Subbaraman

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Abstract : Metropolitan cities are finding more problems to keeping the life secured from attacks even they having security systems like number plate recognition and automatic traffic management, CCTV cameras installed etc. on roads. Many such bad incidences can be avoided by detecting some unattended objects placed on roads. Video surveillance system should be a sufficiently fast enabling a real-time performance. Thus, a prime goal of automated visual surveillance is to obtain a live description of what is happening in a monitored area and trigger appropriate action. The computational effort and complexity involved in simply “following” someone through an extended video sequence is enormous, and a truly robust and reliable tracker is under research. Compounding the problem is that usually public areas under surveillance often have fluctuating and variable lighting conditions, people are frequently occluded by other people or structures, and people may temporarily leave a monitored area, etc. Variation in the light in scene area, size of the object, shadow in scene, distance of camera of system all these can add tremendous difficulty and delay. Here we were motivated to take these as a task for dissertation work. For example, in a system the unattended object which may be steady till last or the unattended objects which may be removed before getting trigger to system is to be detected.

Title : Studying the Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Firm Bankruptcy Risk in Accepted Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Authors : Mohammad Amin Payam, Hosein Sadeghi, Nafiseh Naderi

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Abstract : The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between corporate governance and bankruptcy risk in accepting Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange. Hence, in this study, a sample of 55 firms was reviewed during the years 1386 to 1390. In this study, the dependent variable is the bankruptcy risk and rating models was used to calculate the Altman Z score. The independent variables in this study are the percentage of institutional investors, the percentage of investment management, non obligation of board members (board independence) and the size of the board. In this study used regression and correlation, and the results indicate that there are correlation between the independent variables of ownership, management and board members of non- mandated risk of bankruptcy.

Title : Association Of Demographic Variables Versus Reading Articles From E-Journals And Its Effect On Scientists’ Research: A Research Survey Of Aerospace Scientists And Engineers Of Bangalore

Authors : R Guruprasad, P Marimuthu

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Abstract : Knowledge production in the Aerospace industry is paramount. The Aerospace Industry is highly R&D intensive and the levels of competition are extremely high. In fact, more competition acts an innovation driver in Aerospace. In this information explosion age, it is practically impossible for an aerospace scientist or engineer to carry out his research work without embracing the network and Internet technologies. Moreover, it is absolutely clear that the use of electronic media to support scientific communication has undoubtedly been one of the paradigm shifts in the practice of science in this era. Demographics actually is a scientific study of characteristics and dynamics pertaining to the human population, including things like size, growth rate, density and distribution of a specified group. The primary reason people use demography is to create statistics--in fact, the term roughly translates to "people measurement." These allow a person to get a picture of how common specific traits within a group are. Comparing statistics over time also allows researchers to show changes that are happening in the target group. A research survey was undertaken to ascertain the ‘Association of Demographic Variables Versus Reading Articles from E-Journals and its Effect on Scientists’ Research’ among the Aerospace Scientists and Engineers from 16 selected Aerospace Organizations of Bangalore . The major findings of this study are: The 2 test indicates that the demographic variable, viz., Category Wise Distribution of Respondents [Aerospace Scientists and Aerospace Engineers](2=21.696, P Value = 0.000), Occupation(2=49.678, P Value = 0.000) and Qualification(2=25.440, P Value = 0.013) by the ‘Reading Articles from e-Journals and its Effect on Scientists’ Research’ have significant association. This implies that the percentage of preference for the above mentioned demographic variables are not approximately the same [Not Uniformly distributed]. The 2 tests for the remaining demographic variables, namely, Gender, Age-Group(P=0.088) and Specialization by the ‘Reading Articles from e-Journals and its Effect on Scientists’ Research’ have no significant association. This implies that percentages of preference for these demographic variables are approximately the same [Uniformly distributed].

Title : Destriping remote sensing images using frequency domain Butterworth notch filter

Authors : Erfan amraei, Mohammad Reza Mobasheri

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Abstract : Nowadays, satellite images are widely used for local phenomena monitoring. Unfortunately, some striping noises are observed in these images caused by imperfect calibration of detectors, imperfect image processing in ground receiving stations, detector failure and so on which lead to reduced data quality. Thus, for any useful application of data contained in these images, noises should be removed firstly. In this paper, frequency domain Butterworth notch filter has been used for removal of periodic striping noises in satellite images. This method is simpler and of high accuracy compared to some existing methods. Therefore, it is proposed to use this method for removal of periodic striping noise in satellite images

Title : Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture

Authors : C. P. Kumar

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Abstract : Climate change and agriculture are inter-related processes, both of which take place on a global scale. Global warming is projected to have significant impacts on conditions affecting agriculture, including temperature, carbon dioxide, glacial run-off, precipitation and interaction of these elements. The overall effect of climate change on agriculture will depend on the balance of these effects. Assessment of the effects of global climate changes on agriculture might help to properly anticipate and adapt farming to maximize agricultural production. This paper discusses probable impacts of climate change on agriculture.

Title : Low-Frequency AC Transmission System for Offshore Wind Farms

Authors : M. Manohara, S. Sonia

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Abstract : In recent years the amount of electricity produced from wind has grown rapidly. Offshore wind farm is currently seen as a promising solution to satisfy the growing demand for renewable energy source. The main reasons for the rapid development of offshore wind farms includes much better wind resources and smaller environmental impact. However, the current state of the offshore wind farms presents economic challenges significantly greater than onshore. The integration of offshore wind farms with the main power grid is a major issue. The possible solutions for transmitting power from wind farms are HVAC, Line commutated HVDC and voltage source based HVDC (VSC-HVDC).In this paper Low Frequency AC (LFAC) transmission system is used for interconnecting the offshore wind farms for improving the transmission capability and also the dc collecting system with series connected wind turbines are used at the offshore to reduce the cabling requirement. In this paper, simulations are performed using MATLAB to illustrate the system’s performance.

Title : Application of Binarization Technique in Enhancing Luminance and Text Stroke in a Deteriorated Image Document

Authors : Chethan.C , Nithyananda C.R

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Abstract : Binarization is been into intense research during the last few years. Image binarization is the method of separation of pixel values into dual collections, black as foreground and white as background. Document images often suffer from different types of degradation that renders the document image binarization a challenging task. Text Segmentation is a very difficult task from a degraded document images as the document image might contain lot of variations between the foreground and the background part. Most of the methods do not consider the nature of document images but rather developed algorithms depend on statistical methods. More specialized binarization techniques are the need of the hour. This paper uses adaptive image contrast technique. It combines local image contrast and the local image gradient and is tolerant towards variations caused due to degradations. It constructs an adaptive contrast for an input degraded document image. The contrast map is then binarized and combined with Canny’s edge map to identify the text stroke edge pixels. A local threshold is calculated based on the intensities of detected text stroke edge pixels and this threshold is used for segmentation purpose.


Authors : Jayanthi Murali, P. Duraisamy, K.K.Sharma

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Abstract : Wetlands are one of the most threatened habitats in the world. According to the UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005 environmental degradation is more prominent within wetland systems when compared to other natural systems of earth. The degradation is due to factors such as the process of ill planned urbanization, industrialization and encroachments. Wetlands in India, as elsewhere, are increasingly facing several anthropogenic pressures. These have led to hydrological perturbations, pollution and their effects. Unsustainable levels of grazing and fishing activities have also resulted in degradation of wetlands. The State of Tamil Nadu has a number of water bodies and wetlands and several of these are facing serious threats or are increasingly disappearing due to multifarious pressures. This is especially true for those wetlands located close to growing urban centers or bustling metropolises. Pallikaranai Marsh is one of the last few remaining natural ecosystems in the city of Chennai in the outskirts of Chennai. About 30 years ago, the Pallikaranai Wetland was spread over an area of more than 5000ha (50 km²). The present study has used Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) tools to study these changes between year 1990 and 2010.The classification of land use into seven categories is based on multi-spectral or multi-temporal remote sensing images has been the main approach for detecting wetland change. The Land use pattern for the year 1991 and 2010 respectively shows that there is significant increase in settlements and the Marsh (in Perungudi dump , K. K. Sharma, Professor and Head, Department of Applied Geology and Centre for Environmental Sciences, University of Madras, Chennai, India yard) has clearly witnessed an increase in dump area. A rapid decrease in the area of grass land indicated that human activities strengthened the disturbance of wetland. It was seen that the wetland area and grasslands decreased and the area under settlements and dump yard increased between the year 1990 to 2010 contributing to water pollution in the Marshland leading to deterioration of water quality.