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Volume 02 Issue 01 (January 2015)

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Title : Studies on antibacterial activity of some fungi collected from K.R.P Dam, Krishnagiri (TN)

Authors : M. Iffath Hina, S.Dhanapal, D.Sathish Sekar

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Abstract : The present study deals with the antibacterial activity of fungi collected from K.R.P dam, Krishnagiri. The three fungal species were isolated on potato dextrose agar [PDA] amended with streptomycin. Isolated three fungal species were tested for its antibacterial activity against three human bacterial pathogens. Aspergillus niger was found to be an active against some human pathogenic strains.

Title : Characterstics of Ternary Semirings

Authors : Dr.D. Madhusudana Rao, G Srinivasa Rao

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Abstract : In this paper we investigate and study the notion of ternary semi ring as well as Boolean Ternary semiring and characterize them

Title : Data Warehousing and Data Mining in Business Applications

Authors : Mr.S.Nithyananth, Mrs.A.Suganya, Mrs.M.Menakapriya

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Abstract : Information technology is now required in every aspect of our lives which help business and enterprise to make use of applications like decision support system, query and reporting online analytical processing, predictive analysis and business performance management. In this aspect this paper focuses on the significance and role of Data Warehousing and Data Mining technology in business. A Data Warehouse is a central repository of relational database designed for query and analysis. If helps the business organization to consolidate data from different varying sources. These warehouses are analyzed by the latest technique known as Data Mining. In Data Mining data sets will be explored to yield hidden and unknown predictions which can be used in future for the efficient decision making. Now companies use techniques of Data Mining that involves pattern recognition, mathematical and statistical techniques to search Data Warehouses and help the analyst in recognizing significant trends, facts relationships and anomalies.

Title : Opportunities in Biomass to Liquid Fuel: A review

Authors : Mukesh Bunkar, Abhishek Soni, Dr. Sameer Vaidya, Sanjay Soni

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Abstract : The humankind is currently confronted with the twin crises of petroleum products exhaustion and ecological ruin. Excessive use of fossil fuels has major local, regional and global environmental impacts are air pollution, acid rain and airborne pathogens, global warming, respectively. our natural resources will be exhaust up to end of the this century if we are using fuels as a current rate. Due to this reason rate of crude oil is increasing day by day , which are effecting major economy of the various country including India. Researcher and Scientists are finding alternative and renewable energy methods to complete our energy requirement. The FT(Fischer Tropsch) process plants can be use natural gas, coal, biomass or mixtures as feedstock. Technical data and technological and economic assumptions for developments for 2020 were derived from the literature. For emergent nations like India, meeting energy requirements (primarily in the form of electricity and transportation fuels) in various sectors such as agriculture, industrial and transport is very important to attain sustainable development and economic development. Various options for decentralized electricity production from beginning to end renewable sources include solar, wind, biomass gasification and small hydropower projects. However, from Indian point of view, biomass gasification is the most practicable alternative amongst these for various reasons(1) biomass is abundantly and evenly spread in the country, (2) it is available throughout the year at cheap rates, (3) capital investments for gasifier, duel fuel or 100% producer gas generator, gas cleaning system and other accessories are quite low, (4) technology is simple and unskilled/semi skilled labor can handle operation and maintenance of the plant.

Title : Study of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for the Urban Design of Taichung City

Authors : Dr. Ching-Horng, Tsai, Dr. Shu Chun Chang

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Abstract : Taiwan is an island located at the junction of the Pacific and Eurasian areas. It is deeply affected by the interactions between the ocean and atmosphere. Latitude, monsoon season and vertical terrain changes all play a significant part in impacting the climate of Taiwan. In addition to the urban heat island effect, floods triggered by typhoons and torrential rains lead to economic, environmental and life safety threats. Taichung City is located in the middle section of the island and plays a strategic role in transportation (north-south and east-west) and industrial developments. To its east is the Central Mountain Range, adjacent to Ilan and Hualien Counties. To its west is the Taiwan Strait. The city owes its diverse terrain to rivers running through it as well as underlying faults below. The landscape ranges from mountains, hills, basins, plateaus and plains, running from east to west, gradually receding into the sea. In the face of climate change and the impacts of torrential rain, Taichung needs to urgently restructure its existing rich and diverse green resources and blue ribbon resources for disaster prevention. By thinking green in regards to reconstructing Taichung￿s infrastructure, both ecological conservation and disaster prevention of the densely populated metropolitan area can be improved. This study focuses on the effects of climate change and how to avoid consequential damages, using Taichung as an example. Based on overall landscape spatial structures, it identifies Taichung￿s strengths and opportunities in facing climate change. Using water issues as a starting point, this paper identifies Taichung￿s land development orientation and landscape transformation for towns and villages. As Taichung is developing into a highly urbanized area, it proposes green disaster prevention planning and design and also explores how to develop a symbiosis of water adaptation strategies for the urban design of Taichung.

Title : The Physiology and Psychology of Commercial Streetscape Preferences

Authors : Shu Chun Chang, Ching-Horng, Tsai

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Abstract : In the past, human beings migrated in search for new habitats to survive. Preconditions, such as food, shelter, and water sources were essential to survival, and human beings gradually learned and observed the landscape and environment of these new found habitats. Consequently, through heredity and evolution, the majority of human beings no longer need to learn the content (e.g. plants and water) and shapes of landscapes to generate positive psychological reactions (e.g. preferences). Thus, evolutionary theorists consider that intuitive responses to environmental characteristics are the result of evolution, and preferences are natural responses which are innate and biologically instinctive, particularly from the perspective of shelter and concealment (Kaplan, 1989). In Kaplan and Kaplan￿s (1982) landscape preference matrix, four influential factors of cognition were proposed: Coherence, complexity, legibility, and mystery. The Kaplans further indicated that landscape preference levels would be higher if all four factors were present in a specific environment. Therefore, the questionnaire used in this study includes preference factors (coherence, complexity, legibility, and mystery) in Kaplan and Kaplan￿s environmental preference matrix. We primarily adopted psychological or theoretical descriptive survey methods in this study, and considered landscape elements and sense of distance regarding image composition during image analysis. In addition, we employed an eye tracking experimentation operation method to analyze the physiological response data of respondents, such as eye movements, visual systems, and visual processes. Through these methods, we determined the landscape elements that best attract and maintain people￿s visual attention. Based on the mentioned issues, the study adopted commercial streetscapes as the subject for urban appearance improvement discussions. The primary objective of this study is to determine the influences of landscape spatial contexts on people￿s psychological preferences.


Authors : Dr. Arun Korath, Dr. Sangheethaa. S, Berhanu Getinet

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Abstract : This paper deals with the view on country of make and regarding the new campaign of ￿Make in India￿. This campaign is a big step in the right direction. Focus and intention is evident in this policy. The analysis of the whole campaign can be done only after one or two sets of products come out using this policy. India should be able to produce products that any other nation consumes in large quantities, at prices lower than the respective countries would have to pay if the product was made elsewhere. Quality product at reasonable price can be a used as penetration strategy by managers for market.

Title : A Review on Image-based Face Recognition Techniques

Authors : Ingale Sujit S, Dr. A. M. Patil

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Abstract : Face Recognition is an application of Image Processing. Face recognition grabs a huge attention of many researches in the field of computer vision. The main reason behind this attention is the fact that, the face is conventional way which we use to identify each other. The recent interest in face recognition can be attributed to the increase of commercial interest and the development of feasible technologies to support the development of face recognition. Major areas of commercial interest include biometrics, law enforcement and surveillance, smart cards, and access control. Various approaches for face recognition have been proposed in past and the purpose of this paper is to categorize and describe these algorithms. This paper attempts to present the survey on face recognition techniques, with a comprehensive list of references to some recent works.


Authors : victoria masere, primrose Kaja

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Abstract : ￿Mothers tend to pay a higher price for children than fathers do. Partly, as a result, they typically earn less than men and remain more vulnerable to poverty￿ (Becker, 1981, p. 8).￿ This therefore necessitates an empirical investigation of the factors surrounding married women￿s career progression. Their career path has been noted to be complex and different from men and it was the purpose of this study to try and model the factors affecting their career progression. The study utilised cross sectional data collected from married women with at least one birth child working in Gweru. Stratified random sampling was applied. Because of the nature of the data, the researcher utilised Count Models in Particular the Normal Count Model which performed better, in a statistical sense, than the most commonly used Poisson and Negative Binomial Models. The findings obtained indicated that age at first birth and number of children below five was significant and had the expected signs. The researcher recommended the need for delaying child birth for women however taking into consideration the health risks involved as well as reducing the number of children below five through the use of birth control methods. It is also important to have basic training especially to both boys and girls still at primary schools so as to shape their attitudes towards the roles of women in the society as well as continuous and strict monitoring of recruitment and promotion processes in organisations by government to ensure transparency and adherence to set policies on gender equality.

Title : Improvement of Micro grid Load Demand Sharing Strategy by Using Fuzzy Logic

Authors : P V K Manohar, Ch V S R Gopal Krishna, Ch Rambabu

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Abstract : The important task for the operation of autonomous micro grids, is to share the load demand using multiple distributed generation units. In this paper to realize satisfied power sharing without the communication between DG units, the voltage droop control and its different variations have been proposed. Generally in low voltage micro grids, due to the effects of feeder impedance, the droop control is subject to the real and reactive power coupling and steady-state reactive power sharing errors. The complex micro grid configurations often make the reactive power sharing more challenging. To improve the reactive power sharing accuracy an enhanced control strategy that estimates the reactive power control error through injecting small real power disturbances, which is activated by the low-bandwidth synchronization signals from the central controller The proposed compensation method achieves accurate reactive power sharing at the steady state. Simulation and experimental results validate the feasibility of the proposed method.

Title : Trends in the Mathematics of Queuing Systems

Authors : Sulaiman Sani, Onkabetse A. Daman

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Abstract : In this article, we study the trends in queuing system mathematics (mathematical study of waiting lines) from its inception in 1909 to date. The aim is to educate on how advances in system engineering and operations research are transforming study trends in terms of scholarly contributions (historical evolution), problems formulation, analytic techniques, modeling and results. To achieve this objective, articles on this field of operations research are studied and general trends uncovered and made easily understandable for educational purposes. In the end, we came out with deductions that trends in the mathematics of queuing systems depend to a large extend on developments in operation systems and engineering. What makes this paper most interesting is the understanding that queuing problems are fast becoming pure stochastic (diffusion) problems. This understanding is made more elaborated and easily understandable for a wide variety of audience.

Title : Application of the wireless sensor network based on ZigBee technology in monitoring system for coal mine safety

Authors : Mrs.Tejashri D. Dixit

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Abstract : Wireless sensor networks have become one of the important research fields with a wide-range application background. With the continuous development of technology, a new type of system of Coal Mine Safety Based on ZigBee technology is designed. Using the characteristics of wireless sensor networks , it implements real-time monitoring and intelligent warning for underground environment and production parameters. The system cosisted with a low power ARM processor as the control of the core and ZigBee as a communications platform of wireless sensor networks.after several tests, a lot of valuable data are collected from the actual environment for example communication quality, communication length and power consumption and so on.Finally experiment result confirms the feasibility of the system design and its good stability. Article describes a wireless sensor network based ZigBee technology. Mostly used for transferring and collecting the various monitoring information about the coal mine underground.after that the data is analysed and processed outside the monitoring system.To ensure the safety of the coal production and effectiveness better.


Authors : Virendra Nath Pathak, Geeta Verma

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Abstract : In this paper I have studied Hsu-structure & H-structure manifolds and obtained with constant holomorphic sectional curvature Index Terms￿ H-structure manifold , Hsu-structure ,Curvature tensor almost complex , almost product and almost tangent structures.

Title : Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) towards Road Construction in Chhattisgarh state

Authors : Youwraj Singh Sahu, Dr. Santosh K Sar, Shweta Singh

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Abstract : The roads and highway projects are lifeline of any country. They are also important for the building the nation and are mirror of country￿s development. However, most of these road and highway projects on account of their location, route alignment and associated activities are invariably accompanied by significant environmental and social impacts during different phases (viz., Pre-construction, Construction and Operational phase) of the project. The nature of these impacts could be either positive or negative depending upon their potential to favorably or adversely affect the surrounding environment and also the resident community. While favorably viewing the positive impacts on the environment and community, it is also imperative to develop an appropriate and sound Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and execute it on the field/impacted area of the project to minimize and mitigate various adverse environmental and social impacts by conducting ￿Public Consultation￿ including ￿Public Hearing￿ to include and incorporate views of various stakeholders into decision making process. The EIA (environmental impact assesment), ensures that various Acts, Rules and Regulations for preservation, conservation and management of the environment along with R & R (Resettlement & Rehabilitation) issue are appropriately taken care of in the suggested EMP. Recently, the role of EIA of Roads and Highways have become more important as Central Government is undertaking widening and upgrading of various National Highways throughout the country under the different phases of National Highway Development Programme (NHDP) [1]. The present paper briefly describes provisions and procedure for carrying out EIA for the Roads and highways along with the EMP for mitigating various negative environmental impacts during different phases of the project. In order study either its beneficial or harmful effect; evaluation of any project through EIA has become a must. The environment is threatened severely by so many problems, some of which are caused by the activities of Construction Projects (An Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Building Construction Projects) [2].

Title : Ground water quality with special emphasis on Fe Contamination in Chhattisgarh State in Rajnandgaon Distt. at Khairagarh

Authors : Samiksha Tamrakar, Santosh Kumar Sar

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Abstract : In the present study, the groundwater quality in Khairagarah at Rajnandgaon District of Chhattisgarh State in Central India is assessed. A total of 41 Groundwater (GW) samples are collected during Monsoon (M) and Pre-Monsoon (PM) periods from various existing bore wells and tube wells in the study area, and they were analyzed for estimating the Fluoride (F-) concentration in the existing GW with a special emphasis. The Physico-Chemical characteristics, in addition to the concentration of major Anions and Cations in the existing GW were also assessed. The results reveal that the fluoride concentrations in the existing GW in Rajnandgaon District is ranging >0.50 to <1.60 p.p.m. Most of the places in the study area are affected by high fluoride concentrations, and is evident from the 15% of total samples collected showing >3.5 p.p.m. of fluoride concentration, which is a maximum permissible limit recently suggested by Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) (BIS: 10500, 2010). It is also seen that the fluoride is having poorly and burly positive correlations with calcium and sodium, respectively. Further, the study also includes the verification of suitability of GW for drinking in the study area.



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Abstract : The electric motor drives are very important in our everyday life. In the area of industry or other purpose, the electric drives of motor are essential.So in this topic we are discussing the different types of electric drives namely, AC Drives and DC Drives. This paper also discusses about the most efficient drive which is commonly used in industries and its impacts. The advantages, disadvantagesand its applications are also explained in this paper

Title : Dynamic performance of the DSTATOM � Diesel Generator system with Linear and Nonlinear loads using Multi Layer Neural Network

Authors : Golla jaya Prasad, U Chandra Rao, Ch Rambabu

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Abstract : This paper presents the load compensation by diesel generator. In this compensation reactive power, harmonics and unbalanced load current generates because of linear or nonlinear loads. The control of Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator (DSTATCOM) is used for reactive power, harmonics and unbalanced load current compensation. Proportional ￿ Integral (PI) controller is used to maintain a constant voltage at the dc ￿ bus of a voltage source converter (VSC) working as a DSTATCOM. Switching of Three Level VSC is achieved by controlling load current using hysteresis based Pulse Width Modulation control. This scheme is simulated under MATLAB environment using simulink for feeding linear and nonlinear loads. The modelling is performed for a three ￿ phase, three ￿ wire star ￿ connected synchronous generator coupled to a diesel engine, along with the three level inverter based VSC working as a DSTATCOM. The extension part utilizes multi layer neural network for to improve the DC voltage profile (Vdc) and to improve the THD analysis. Compare this with previous results.



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Abstract : In this topic we are discussing the method of speed control and speed control of BLDC motor in the closed loop and open loop techniques. It makes proper speed control of BLDC motor .In this paper we are taken the block diagrams and compare the advantages and disadvantages of the different control technique of BLDC motor The implementation includes both direction and open loop speed control. BLDC motors are widely used in various applications due to its efficiency, reliability and good performance


Authors : S.Karunakaran, S.Dhanasekaran, R.Roja Blessy, A.Ravulathu Nisha

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Abstract : In India, Tamilnadu ranks second in poultry meat and egg production. Poultry feed manufacture has undergone an enormous expansion and development during the past half century throughout the country. The cellulase was produced from Trichoderma viride which can degrade cellulose .Then it was given as feed supplementary for the poultry animals. Trichoderma viride was isolated from soil and is allowed to grow in Potato dextrose Agar (PDA). For the effective production of T.viride, various agro wastes such as wheat bran, rice brawn, molasses, saw dust, and beet root were used. The produced Trichoderma viride and cellulase were given as feed supplementary to the chicks in order to increasing their digestibility and growth. The maximum biomass production of Trichoderma viride was observed in beetroot media. With these facts in the background, the present study has been designed to explore the technology to synthesize cocktail fibro lytic enzymes at farm gate level and make the farmers as successful entrepreneurs.

Title : A Novel Serial Multimodal Biometric Framework Based on Mixture Models

Authors : Manas Kumar Choudhury, Dr.Y Srinivas

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Abstract : This article contributes towards the study of multimodal biometric system against spoof attacks. Much of the works reported based on Parallel fusion, are subjected to the critics about the authentication, since spoofing of a single trait may lead towards the cracking of whole system. Validation of the multimodal biometric systems in serial fusion mode against spoofing is still a matter of research.. In this paper, we make an attempt to study the affect of spoofing in serial fusion mode. The concepts of fusion together with Generalized Gamma Distribution (GGD) are utilized. The performance of the model is evaluated using synthetic data and evaluation is carried out by considering metrics like False Acceptance Rate (FAR), Acceptance Rate, and False Rejection Rate (FRR).

Title : Recognition of Clothing Pattern for Visually Challenged People

Authors : K.Shoba, S.Gohisri, S.Sowndarya

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Abstract : identifying the clothing pattern for visually all people is the difficult task. To avoid this problem our existing system introduces a technique called CCNY pattern recognition. This system has image-based prototype that recognizes clothing patterns in four categories (plaid, striped, pattern less, and irregular) and identifies 11 clothing colors like red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, pink, black, grey, and white. This approach introduce random signature to recognize the color pattern and the color identification is based on histogram of each clothing image in the HSI color space. Moreover, to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the system our proposed system introduces the fast texture feature extraction. This technique used to divide the image and analyze the texture by using Texture Estimation Algorithm. In addition, our system will convert the sound description of the pattern into text format. This approach will increase accuracy of the color identification for blind people and also the normal people.

Title : Consciousness for Peace: an Incorporated move towards for a Rational & Harmonious Humanity

Authors : Dr. Savita Srivastava

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Abstract : In the 21st Century and beyond, man should address the basic quartering to him and would seek answer for himself. His life would become more meaningful and purposeful after trying to find truths of life. Man should realize his weaknesses from which he suffers and try to build his strength. This would get peace and happiness, he deserves. It may not happen for majority of them but the trend would have set in. Then he would initiate austerity measure. Simplicity of life would become a way of life. Hence, the path of truth would become easy. However, it would not happen automatically and for this, systematic efforts are required to be made by those who are committed to peace, prosperity and happiness of man and humankind. The day when the truth dawns on majority of people would be the happiest day for any peace-loving creature in the world. Peace means ￿ Freedom from mental agitation or anxiety or the absence or cessation of war or a state or condition of order or harmony. Peace ensures an education that makes an individual a citizen and creates a learning environment to live in harmony with the adjacent nature and act cooperatively. At present, the need of the hour is Education for Peace ￿ for peace of mind, peace in the family, peace in society, peace between nations and peace in the Universe. More broadly, a peaceful society will find a way to live in peace with its natural setting. We all understand the need to protect the environment, to stop polluting it. What prevents us from acting on this understanding is the stock of mental pollutants, such as ignorance, cruelty or greed. Removing such pollutants will promote peace among human beings, as well as a balanced, healthy relationship between human society and its natural environment. This is how religion can foster environmental protection. The Hundredth Monkey Effect is based upon the principle that after one monkey on an island discovers how to wash a coconut in the water to remove sand and dirt, the rest follow suit until the last, or "hundredth" monkey, finally learns this improved method. At that point, monkeys on other islands become aware of this knowledge without "direct" communication. This same effect has happened repeatedly in human history, where inventors have simultaneously discovered inventions that others around the world were contemplating at the same time, or where mothers somehow know when one of their children is in pain hundreds of miles away. The thoughts become energy that is available to others that tune into this energy field, or universal consciousness. It may occur more often when we are sleeping or in "hypnotic" or meditative states than during our normal waking state. If we already tap into this energy field without being consciously aware think what we will be able to do if we exercise our minds and use this incredible resource to our best advantage! When we stop and think about it, we are adding to the energy field right now by merely reading this information on peace. We are investing our time, money, energy and dreams in this principle in order to help World Peace become a reality. Who will be the 100th Monkey for Peace? In any journey we choose to undertake we must take the first step and shortly thereafter the next steps become obvious. Without the first step, the tenth and twentieth steps never become reality and we have no possibility of reaching our destination. Yes, sometimes the first steps may lead nowhere but as Thomas Edison wrote, "I learned 99 ways not to make a light bulb". He understood that both difficulty and perseverance were necessary components in the effort to reach a worthwhile goal. "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." - Henry Ford. For many people this question may seem a little ridiculous. Most people have been raised to believe that our consciousness controls most of our decisions and actions.

Title : ELECTRIFY INDIA (A Practical Approach to Water Scarcity)

Authors : Gokul Krishnan, Ashik Joji, L.Unnikrishnan

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Abstract : The aim of this project is to utilize the power generation potential capabilities especially north eastern states which are suffering from power scarcity and to make them self-powered. In this methodology, by using solar pump, water is pumped into a huge water tank built at several meters in height and then it is pumped for household needs, where a generator is kept on its way. Thus utilizing power in maximum way .It has a dual advantage: it ensures constant supply of water to the households as well as the power needed to light the house can be harnessed from the above methodology One of the main advantage of this project is to eliminate many socio-economic problems such as land acquisition rehabilitation and political problems etc. It is least expensive as well as eco-friendly

Title : OntoSri: A Domain Independent Ontology Visualization Tool

Authors : V. Swaminathan, R. Sivakumar

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Abstract : Ontologies provide a shared and common understanding of a domain that can be communicated between people and application systems. Therefore, they may play a major role in supporting information exchange processes in various areas. We describe the role of ontologies in supporting knowledge sharing activities, and then present a set of criteria to guide the development of ontologies for these purposes. We show how these criteria are applied in case studies from the design of ontologies for Clinical Information system. The purpose of Ontosri is to help building ontology, both from scratch and from texts, without control by any task. Requirements have been defined for a methodology on the basis of real experiments. Ontosri fulfills these requirements, involving theoretical bases from linguistics and knowledge representation. Its strong points are integration of a terminological approach and an ontology management, precise definition of concept types reflecting modeling choices, and traceability facilities. The use of these tools is discussed with respect to a case study in health care.

Title : The New Economy versus the Use of Information and Communication Technologies and Productivity of Algerian Companies in the Region of Oran

Authors : Nadia REBIB, Pr Abderrezak BENHABIB

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Abstract : After a long and unusual growth experienced by the US during the nineties, the concept of new economy appeared to refer to this remarkable performance of the US economy. This concept emphasizes the relationship between the use of information and communication technologies and the growth and productivity of companies. The objective of this paper is to present the impact of information and communication technologies on Algerian companies after presenting a literature review on the phenomenon of new economy and information and communication technologies.

Title : An Novel Approach for image denoising using Wavelet Transforms

Authors : Manmohan, Swati gupta, Kuldeep

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Abstract : The noise is unwanted signal which change the parameters of the original signal or original data. So it is necessary to remove the noise from the signals or from the data, many image denoising techniques based on filtering and wavelet thresholding have been published in earlier research papers and each technique has its own assumptions, advantages and limitations. Image filtering and wavelet thresholding algorithms are applied on different image samples to eliminate noise which is either present in the image during capturing or injected into the image during transmission. In this paper, we used the Median filter ,Wiener filter, Penalised threshold, Global threshold method, Proposed threshold for remove the Gaussian or salt & pepper noise from the images, and we compare their performance with the help of PSNR.

Title : Monetary Policy Instruments and Inflation: An Islamic Perspective


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Abstract : The efficiency of the monetary management of any government is assessed by its ability to reduce and stabilize the inflation rate. Hence, this latter is the first target of any monetary policy. Although that the term « inflation » is recent, this monetary phenomenon has been observed many centuries ago. In this context, Islamic thinkers described the phenomenon as the cheapness of money. This research discusses the management of money to fight inflation in an Islamic finance framework focusing on the prohibition of interest « RIBA » against the classical monetary policy which concentrates on this factor « interest » as a key channel to reduce inflation. The paper starts with the traditional view to the inflation phenomenon and a comparison between conventional and Islamic finance principles. Then, it discusses the instruments of the Islamic monetary policy and their effectiveness to reduce inflation by providing some recent experiences. Our main findings clearly show that the traditional monetary management is less effective than the one based on Islamic principles, but however such effectiveness depends on the human factor and its ability to apply such monetary instruments.

Title : Impact of global financial crisis on the gold market: An empirical investigation


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Abstract : The global financial crisis of 2008 had strong effects on the world wide economy and finance. Indeed, American, European and Asian markets indices crashed down immediately 8 to 10% in a very short period. Investors lost their confidence on stocks and currencies and they started to buy alternative investments. This new behavioral fact led to an increase in prices of such investments. The precious metal gold has been used as money for many centuries till the breakdown of the “Breeton Woods” agreement. In addition to its use as jewelry and electrical components, gold is now used as an asset investment and a hedging strategy against inflation, this leads us to consider the gold market as a financial market. In fact, gold is one of the alternative investments and a safe haven that responded to the crisis. The main objective of this paper is to focus on the gold market and try to analyze the trend of gold price before and after the crisis. We start with an overview on the causes and effects of the global financial crisis, then we provide a review on the gold market and the main causes of its price’s fluctuations. We, then, examine empirically the trend of gold price during 2000-2012 and show econometrically how it was affected by the financial crisis, and what are the main consequences of these alternative investment on the whole financial markets.

Title : Mobile Commerce and Its Security Issues

Authors : A.O.M Asaduzzaman, Md. Nazrul Islam

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Abstract : This paper deals with m-commerce and its security issues. We described m-commerce in detail from theoretical perspective. In the early age of the world, transactions in commerce were performed by some means of exchange of physical goods or wealth in face-to-face and hand-to-hand manner. Over time it became some means of symbolic wealth called money or coin. After the invention of telecommunication, commerce is done by telephone with e-money (in e-commerce) by Internet. However, for further evolution of technology such as telecommunication, e-commerce is evolved to m-commerce (mobile commerce). We described the m-commerce system structure and related technologies which conduct m-commerce. All types of threats and challenges are described from their field of affection. The contemporary solutions and protections against these threats are properly outlined.



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Abstract : This paper presents a multi response optimization approach to determine the optimal process parameters in Flux cored arc welding (FCAW) process in order to obtain optimum weld bead geometry in mild steel plates IS 2062. Experiments have been conducted using four parameters such as welding current, voltage, stick out and wire speed at four levels for obtaining the responses like penetration, bead width, reinforcement and percentage of dilution. Taguchi’s L16 orthogonal array is used to gather information regarding the process with less number of experimental runs. The traditional Taguchi method cannot solve multi optimization problems. In order to overcome this difficulty, a multi criteria optimization technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS) is applied in this study. The significant contributions of parameters are estimated using analysis of variance (ANOVA) test. Confirmation test is conducted and reported. It is found that wire speed is the most significant factor. Results indicate feasibility of TOPSIS analysis in continuous improvement of welding industry.