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Volume 02 Issue 04 (April 2015)

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Authors : Mayank Varshney, Meenu Varshney, Nitesh Gupta

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Abstract : Reinforced concrete (RC) beams have been found to be deficient in torsion resisting capacity and in cases where Torsional moments are substantial there is a need of strengthening these beams to resist these moments. These deficiencies occur for several reasons. Investigations have been done on concrete beams retrofitted with glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) composites in order to study the enhancement of strength and ductility, durability, effect of confinement, preparation of design guidelines and experimental investigations of these members.


Authors : Khushpreet Kaur, Er. Sheenam Malhotra

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Abstract : Image compression addresses the problem of reducing the amount of data required to represent a digital image. There are some areas of medicine where it is sufficient to maintain high image quality only for diagnostically significant regions, for example, tumor section of the brain MRI. This paper represents a compression method based on ROI and its performance analysis focusing on Discrete Cosine Transform technique. It is used for reducing the redundancy that is nothing but avoiding the replica data. The DCT is a mathematical function that transforms digital image data from the spatial domain to the frequency domain.

Title : Enhancing the socio-economic well-being in Egypt by harnessing the capabilities of e-Learning programs along with promoting Islamic teachings and values

Authors : Abdul Rahman bin Ahmad Dahlan, Jamilah Osama Rashid, Zerina Camdzic

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Abstract : This work aims to evaluate the implementation of e-learning platforms in schools in Egypt along with promotion of Islamic values. E-learning has been a topic of increasing interest in recent years. In this paper we suggest to combine the areas of e-learning and Web services, by providing electronic learning offerings as (individual or collections of) Web services as well. We elaborate on this by showing how content providers and content consumers (i.e., learners) can communicate appropriately through a Web service platform with its common description, publication, and retrieval functionalities. Since Egypt has been known as a country where many children are not able to have an appropriate education, e-learning platform would provide students with the ability to study even if they live in remote places. Moreover, the integration of new technologies in the classrooms opens new possibilities for the teaching and learning process. Technologies such as a student response system are getting popularity among teachers due to its effects on student learning performance. In this study, our primary objective is to investigate the effect of e-learning platform with combination of Islamic teachings on students learning performance. We also observed the benefits of interactivity between the teacher and the students and among classmates, which positively influences collaborative learning and engagement of students in the class. The results of our study reveal that collaborative learning and engagement of student in the class improves student learning performance. We highly recommend these tools in educational settings to support the learning process.

Title : ZVS half bridge dc-dc boost converter for fuel cell

Authors : A.Krishnaveni, K.Murugesh Kumar, K.Vinoth, V.Sundar

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Abstract : It has been found that by using zero voltage switching the output voltage gain was improved. In this research work ZVS dc-dc converter was used. It consists of a ZVS boost converter and ZVS half wave converter stage this circuit was used with fuel to improve the voltage gain. The ZVS and fuel cell system was analysed by using Psim software and hardware. Theoretical and simulation analysis of the proposed converter was verified

Title : A secure and efficient decryption and attribute revocation policy by using combination of access control and multi-authority cloud storage system

Authors : Vidhyashree B, Mr.Afroz pasha

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Abstract : cloud provide different types of services to their users. cloud storage is used by general people as service. There are many cloud service providers like google that provide some amount of cloud storage for its Gmail account holders. But it should always concerned about security of the data stored in the cloud storage. The technique used for data access control is cipher-text policy attribute based encryption(CP-ABE).Efficient decryption and revocation for access control scheme is an effective and secure data for data access control for multi-authority cloud storage system. We achieve both forward and backward security by using efficient attribute revocation. The experimental analysis shows that our system is highly secure and efficient model

Title : Design And Analysis of lifting Hook

Authors : Mr. Kunjan Vanpariya, Prof. Vishal Pandya, Prof. Jayesh Koisha

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Abstract : Lifting hooks are the components which are generally used to elevate the heavy load in industries and constructional sites. It is the member used for lifting the heavy mass using wire ropes and crane. The main objective of this paper is to establish a methodology to design and stress analysis of a lifting hook using stress distribution and changing the cross sections where the stress is minimum. A survey of literature for this subject has shown that, various CAD and FEA software used for modeling and analysis of a hook. The lifting hook is given by company and prepared the model in in proe wildfire 5.0 and analysis done in ansys 14. Using FEM, weight optimization done in ansys and remove the material where the stress is minimum.

Title : A Survey on Big Data Management

Authors : C. Sreedhar, Dr. N. Kasiviswanath

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Abstract : Big data has gained its popularity in the recent years. Industries, organizations in government and private sectors are striving towards handling huge volumes of data produced towards effective business and governance. Data is no more confined to structured data. The data generated by web logs, sensor nodes, climate monitoring devices, smart phones, airlines, multimedia data, tweets and XML data are in different data formats (unstructured, semi-structured). Handling large volumes of data and such different data formats raises the need for proper data management in big data. In this paper, we propose a four-stage method required to manage the data in big data management and finally review an analysis of big data management

Title : An Experimental Investigation of Electrode Wear Rate Using EDM with Different Electrode Materials


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Abstract : Electrical discharge machines (EDM) remove metal from a work piece by using a series of electric sparks to erode material. An electrical discharge machine is considered to be the most precision oriented manufacturing process and is widely used for creating simple and complex shapes and geometries. EDM is a machining method primarily used for hard metals or those that would be impossible to machine with traditional techniques. One critical limitation, however, is that EDM only works with materials that are electrically conductive. EDM is especially well-suited for cutting intricate contours or delicate cavities that would be difficult to produce with a grinder, an end mill or other cutting tools. Different electrode materials shows a great influence on the desired quality so here we have focused some different electrodes that we can use for surface modifications and better results so that the way ahead has been opened for further scope of work. The results reveal that low electrode wear rate (EWR) has been achieved with copper electrode (0.06 mm3/min) and brass electrode gives more electrode wear rate among other two electrodes.

Title : A Review on Automatic Detection Techniques of Infected Fruits

Authors : Patil Pritee U., Dr. S.V.Patil

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Abstract : In this paper we have discuss recognition techniques of automatic detection of normal and infected fruits. Nowadays computer science is getting more and more involved in agricultural and food science. Plenty fruits and vegetables are imported from the other nations such as oranges, apples etc. Manual identification of defected fruit is very time consuming. here work presents defect segmentation of fruits based on color features. In this paper we discussed the reviews of image processing and the general framework of image processing using different methods for automatic detection of fruits.

Title : Design of a Delta-Sigma Modulator Structured in MASH 2-2-1 with Higher Order Shaped Dither

Authors : Seyed Ali Sadat Noori , Seyed Saeed Sadat Noorieh

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Abstract : This paper presents a novel Delta Sigma Modulator (DSM) in form of MASH 2-2-1, which can suppress the spurious tones in spectrum for all constant inputs and initial conditions. We can increase the order of noise shaping of the applied dither to that of the modulator without any spurious tones appearing in the spectrum. Theoretical results prove that the quantization noise is asymptotically white and uncorrelated with the input; this is corroborated by behavioral simulations.

Title : Equal and Proportionate Water Distribution System

Authors : Mr.Swapnil .V. Sonawane, Mr.Samadhan .D. Aher, Mr.Prashant .S. Jadhav, Er.Rahul .B. Abhale

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Abstract : In India, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) reports that there are many lift irrigation schemes financed by them. These schemes irrigate most of the hectares of land. However, as many of these schemes are defunct, mainly due to poor distribution of water. Other schemes have been financed by individual farmers are on the way of defunct due to poor distribution of water. In normal systems, the area is divided into three or four equal parts, and each part is given the entire discharge for one day. This means each part gets rotation of the full design discharge on the fourth or fifth day. However water distribution can be unequal, To overcome the unequal distribution of irrigable water by most efficient method i.e. “EQUAL AND PROPORTIONATE WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM” can be adopted. The salient features of this system are: Every farmer gets precisely equal or proportionate water to his area under irrigation and investment at the same time. As per the availability of electricity, as long as the pump is running, all the farmers will get EQUAL and PROPORTIONATE DISCHARGE. The dependability or reliability of the scheme is increased among the farmers. There is no need of an operator. Since equal or proportionate distribution is fool proof, certain and doubtless. While designing new schemes, we give water on the basis of shares rather than based on crop and area to be irrigated. We therefore decide a shares of water and farmer decides how many shares he wants, and share capital and recurring expenses accordingly. He has then freedom to take any crop and to irrigate any amount of area by using water saving techniques like micro irrigation and mulching etc.

Title : Assessment of Organizational Citizenship Behavior


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Abstract : Organization Citizenship Behavior is relatively a new concept it is defined as a workplace behavior by which employeeso every age group can exceed one job’s requirement. Organizations could not survive without their employees or members until and unless they behave as a good citizen and engage themselves in all sort of positive attitude and behaviors. The importance of good citizenship in an organization, and understanding its nature and sources of it has been a high priority for the researchers and will always be. It has been defined on various dimensional concept that will include all positive organizational relevant behavior that will include the traditional role, political behavior, as well as full and responsible organizational participation.

Title : Enhancing Text Mining by inducing Side-information with Ontology

Authors : Atiya Kazi , D.T.Kurian

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Abstract : There are several text mining applications where, the side-information contained within the text document may be considered as part of the clustering process. This side-information can be related to document provenance, which provides the author information, hyper links within the document to navigate between web-pages, user-access behavior pattern gathered from web logs, or images within the document. The proposed algorithm, which performs clustering of data along with the side information, combines classical partitioning algorithms with probabilistic models to increase the effectiveness of the clustering approach. The algorithm will be further extended to the classification problem to design a training model using the side-information. The proposed work will then generate target ontology, from saved user preferences and will then use the same in order to improve the effectiveness of text mining approaches. This will enhance the structuring of knowledge gained from text documents by incorporating the ontology as well as side-information. The advantage of incorporating side information over pure text-based clustering is that the side information can be vastly edifying, and it also contributes to creating more lucid clusters.

Title : Assessment of The relation between systematic risk and debt to cash flow ratio

Authors : Mojtaba Mostajeran Gurtani, Akbar Amini Mehr

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Abstract :

The purpose of financial accounting data and insight to assist decision-making by their own organizational performance. While the aim of the research is to evaluate the usefulness of accounting information to investors and other users of financial reporting accounting, which is a great source for information about the investment that is required for any investment decision. Cash flow information to users of financial statements to obtain information about the use of financial resources during a time period. In particular, if cash flow is the kind of information that includes details of the operations, investing, and financing activities gives. Financial statements do not reflect accrual and cash flows of information about one of the major weaknesses of the financial statements of commitment. In such circumstances, it is assumed that the lack of information about cash flows can be both internal and external decision-makers astray. Investment is essential in the process of economic development of the country. Factors influencing the choice of investment, investment risk and return on investment. Investors are trying to ensure the highest return on investment funds somewhere and have the lowest risk. Therefore, companies should focus on profit besides, the maximum efficiency and manage risk as a limiting factor. Unlike return, risk and non-quantitative concept in mind, therefore, more efforts on economic and financial experts to identify and measure risk is concentrated.


Title : A Study on Employee Quality of Work life

Authors : Dr. Shine David, Varsha Ganesh, Sonam Malviya, Sharmishta Mujalda

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Abstract : A high quality of work life is essential for organization to continue to attract and retain employees.QWL is a task in which organizations identify their responsibility to develop job and working states that are excellent for the employee and organization. Many factors determine the meaning of Quality of Work Life (QWL), one of which is workplace environment. QWL consists of opportunities for active involvement in group working settlement or problem solving that are of mutual benefit to employees or employers, based on labour management cooperation. This article reviews the meaning of QWL, analyses depth of QWL, practices of QWL, techniques for improving QWL and judgment methods of QWL in an organisation. The dimensions of QWL include health and well�being, job security, job satisfaction, competence development and the balance between work and non�work life.

Title : Framework for Capitalizing Multi Agent System in Application of Power Engineering

Authors : Rohit Sharma, Atma Prakash Singh

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Abstract : The growing need of intelligent computing focuses on utilization of Multi-Agent system. Various fields like medical diagnosis, production planning, network monitoring, intelligent tutoring, education planning, production management etc. are facilitated by using MAS based approach. As MAS is an emerging technology where complex problems are solved with collaboration, coordination and communication between agents where Agent can be simply viewed as self-described autonomous software component or piece of codes. Here agent’s capability and its characteristics like reactivity, pro-activeness, social ability etc. are used to facilitate applications in power engineering. Multi-Agent System will be beneficial for the construction of powerful, flexible, scalable and extensible system. It also reduces the power system failure and fault occurrence rate. MAS provide capability to power systems to reconfigure themselves. It will have less failure rate. This paper mainly focuses on handling issues of power system like conditional monitoring of plant and equipment by gathering data from sensors, diagnosis from faults, distributed control of power system etc. by mean of Multi-Agent system. In this paper the proposed MAS based model shows the approach to solve these issues mentioned above with the help of various agents. Each agent is either partially or fully independent of each other. The distributed problem solving approach is used to solve these issues. Agents communicate and co-ordinate with each other in order to reduce faults. Several agents are used to monitor and diagnosis from faults. Agents will interact with sensors and from there they will get data with will be further converted into meaning full information’s. In case of occurrence of faults agents generate a diagnosis conclusion with help of several algorithms.

Title : Can oil prices forecast the Algerian exchange rate?

Authors : Kamel Si MOHAMMED, Sidahmed ZENAGUI, Abderrezak BENHABIB

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Abstract : The goal of this study is to investigate the relationship between oil price and nominal US Dollar/Algerian Dinar exchange rate through an empirical analysis using a VECM Model (Vector Error Correction Model) upon monthly data for the period 2008-2015. Results show that a cointegration relationship is detected between oil and exchange rate in Algeria, with bilateral trend causality in short and long run time horizon. Furthermore, the out-of sample predictive indicates that a change in oil price would tend to depreciate Algerian Dinar against US Dollar. This negative impact emphasizes how the Algerian dinar is a non-oil currency and explains how the foreign exchange receipts from hydrocarbon exports help swell Algerian public spending that would cater for public budget deficit curtailment.

Title : The study of Shielding Effectiveness of Rice Husk Powder Filled with polyurethane composite

Authors : Hamed A. Hamde, Riyadh. Ch .Abul-Hail

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Abstract : The aim of this study is to create a new polymer based composite for a radiation shield where we used polyurethane as a matrix material incorporated with different materials (ordinary Portland cement , aluminum filings ,epoxy ,salt and rice husk) as fillers. The new compound is less expensive than other shielding materials due to the substantial reduction in part weight, ease of fabrication, wide area etc .Both rice husks and oyster shells are common wastes thatare used as fillers to the fabricated composite . the linear attenuation coefficient, mass attenuation coefficient, half value layer and mean free path have been calculated .The study also investigated the effect of the curing method where three types (moisture, water and dry)have been used due to the use of ordinary Portland cement .The results obtained show that the three curing methods have the same effect on the efficiency of gamma radiation shielding. Also they reveal that the obtained results show the increase of the removed photons from gamma rays with the increase of the absorber material thickness which is similar to the effect of the aging factor. Finally the results obtained show that the oyster shell particles have increased the shielding efficiency of the fabricated composite more than the same composite filled with rice husk particles.

Title : A Fuzzy AHP Approach for Ranking the Application Barriers of Green SCM (Case study: Abzarsazi Industries of Iran)

Authors : Ahmad Jafarnejad, Hossein Jannatifar, Mehdi Ajalli

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Abstract : Supply chain management (SCM) issues have been popularly discussed in recent years. SCM represents the integration of key business processes among industry partners to add value for the end customers. GSCM was starting debated since the quality revolution of the 1980s and supply chain revolution of the 1990s. Generally, GSCM is understood to involve screening suppliers based on their environmental performance and doing business only with those that meet certain environmental regulations or standards. This paper first identifies the Implementation Barriers of GSCM through literature review and then uses the Fuzzy AHP approach for ranking the barriers in Abzarsazi Industries of Iran.FAHP is a new multi-criteria evaluation method evolved from Saatys AHP. So, this paper aimed to find out and rank the key factors and barriers that affect success in GSCM using fuzzy AHP approach, and give an evaluation method for GSCM in order to help researches and managers to determine the drawbacks and opportunities.


Authors : Priya Kaushik, Dr. Ajit Kumar Bansal

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Abstract : As companies worldwide struggle to move beyond the great recession of 2009, many business leaders are adjusting their talent strategies to meet the shifting demands characterized as the “new normal.” While the inclination may be strong to revert to strategies that served them well prior to the economic crisis, many executives seem to recognize that the forces shaping future talent needs, such as globalization and an aging workforce, continued to accelerate during the downturn and now require new talent strategies to position their companies for success. This aims at exploring talent strategies, concerns of global companies, and unfolding employee trends as companies confront a fresh set of challenges that we expect will influence the next decade and beyond. The constraints of talent & quality of manpower at the entry level, yet, by and large, the industry has been able to get the required numbers albeit with some compromises with what they were looking for. Surprisingly most of this so called “unemployable” lot of students have risen to the demand upon selection, demonstrated the capability levels expected of them & ultimately settled down into successful careers and delivered substantially the results expected out of them. Many of the students at the bottom of the ladder, from amongst those who really needed the jobs, had to start off on petty stipends, and through structured learning or due to “hands on” learning & growth at the work place, a few years down the line, many of them have entered into reputed multinational companies. Key words: seek to improve the skill set of graduates; emphasize Soft Skills, Potential based selection, refocus the assessments, interact more with employers to understand the particular demand for skills in that region and sector-Domain skills, Work Place Competencies, skills do employers consider important when hiring new engineering graduates.


Authors : Dr. Bhupinder Singh dhaliwal, Vivek Soi

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Abstract : This paper studies the challenging problem of energy minimization for data gathering over a multiple-sources single-sink communication substrate in wireless sensor networks by exploring the energy-latency tradeoffs using rate adaptation techniques. We consider a real-time scenario for mission-critical applications, where the data gathering must be performed within a specified latency constraint. We first propose an offline numerical optimization algorithm with performance analysis for a special case with a complete binary data gathering tree. Then, by discretizing the transmission time, we present a simple, distributed on-line protocol that relies only on the local information available at each sensor node. Extensive simulations were conducted for both long and short-range communication scenarios using two different source placement models. We used the baseline of transmitting all packets at the highest speed and shutting down the radios afterwards. Our simulation results show that compared with this baseline, up to 90% energy savings can be achieved by our techniques (both off-line and on-line), under different settings of several key system parameters.

Title : Energy efficient building structure

Authors : Seema Mahto, V.N. Bartaria, R.K. Agarwal

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Abstract : There are many factors which affect the heat load of the building. Factors such as solar heat gain in summer, heat loss in winter, and natural ventilation in transitional seasons must be considered when designing energy-efficient residential buildings for hot summer/cold winter zones In this paper we have discussed the various factors affecting the heat load of any buildings. The heat transfer process of building envelopes differs in summer and winter, and heat and mass (e.g., moisture) transfer must be considered when providing natural ventilation. It is impossible to design energy-efficient buildings using only one approach, such as lowering the heat transfer of exterior walls, roofs, and windows or increasing the thickness of thermal insulation. The coupling of thermal mass and natural ventilation is important to passive building design. In this paper we are going to discuss various option for energy efficient building design.

Title : An Experimental Investigation of Tool Geometry Influence on Surface Roughness in Milling Operation

Authors : D. K. Suker, Y. S. Alqurashi

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Abstract : This paper presents experimental and analytical results of an investigation of the tool geometry and major cutting parameters such as speed, feed rate, and depth of cut, tool helix angle and tool diameter that affect the surface finish of milled parts in end milling. The selected work materials were aluminum (AA6082) and stainless steel (AISI 304). Taguchi techniques have been used to accomplish the objective of the experimental study. L18 orthogonal array design have been used for conducting the experiments. The results were analyzed applying two methods such as analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio. Finally, The results indicate that tool helix angle is the most significant factor affecting surface roughness .

Title : Integrated Study on Groundwater Quality for Drinking and Irrigation Utilities in Tirupur Taluk, Tamil Nadu, India

Authors : S.Pichaiah, G.R. Senthil kumar, K.Srinivasamoorthy

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Abstract : An attempt has been made to assess the quality of groundwater in Tirupur Taluk of Tirupur District, Tamil Nadu, India for drinking and irrigation purposes. In the study area forty five groundwater samples have been collected from bore wells and dug wells. The groundwater samples were chemically analyzed by standard procedure. From the analytical results pH, EC, TDS, TH, CaCO3, Ca2+,Mg2+,Na+, K+, Cl−, CO32−, HCO3− and SO42− were determined. The obtained groundwater quality parameters were compared with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), 1991. The Ca2+ and Cl− ion concentration are within the permissible limits, whereas TDS, Na++, Mg++, SO42− and TH exceed the limit of BIS. A SAR values reveal that majority of the groundwater samples falls in excellent (S1) and good (S2) categories. USSL, diagram illustrates that the groundwater samples fall in the field of C3S1, C2S1, C3S2, C4S2, C4S3 and C3S3 indicating medium to high salinity and low to high alkalinity hazard. The Soluble sodium percent (SSP) exhibits majority of the samples are within the maximum allowable limit. Based on RSC values, almost fifty percentage of samples fall as safe and doughtful categories. Anthropogenic pollutants and the nature of geological formations can be the factors for exceeding the permissible limits in certain locations of the study area. From the overall groundwater quality studies majority of the groundwater sample locations are fit for domestic and irrigation purposes.


Authors : Arpit Alawa, Faraz Mohammed, Vikas Vishwakarma, Dr. Shine David

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Abstract : “Technology” the word means practical application of science to organization. It is the discipline that applies scientific knowledge to practical problems. In today’s world technology is growing as fast as the human race. Now this fast growing technology has a huge impact on an organization like computers, a technology which we are using has changed the trend of working because the work which used to be tedious and cumbersome once is now done in just a click of a button. The study shows how much a technology impacts on an organization. The study was made to the staff working in any organization in various cities of India like Ratlam, Indore and Jaipur. The sample size of this study was 53 employees. The sample was collected through questionnaire with open ended questions. CRONBACH’S ALPHA reliability of questionnaire was realized using SPSS ( Statistical Package for Social Science ) version 16.0. Further Independence T Test is applied on the data which resulted in five factors. Finding of the study suggests the importance of technology on an organization, how the technology is helping and that to a very great extend to an organization. Employee feel ease and like to work in an organization which uses appropriate technology for its employee. A gender specific study suggest that both male and female feels the importance of technology and the impact it has on an organization and to achieve its goal.

Title : Characterization and Application of Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite Crystal Available Near Ajanta Ellora Caves

Authors : Dr.V.P.Deshpande, Prin.B.T.Bhoskar, Dr.S.B.KOLHE

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Abstract : Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite was collected near Ellora Ajanta belt.Characterization was made using XRD, IR as usual method. Application of natural zeolite Clinoptilolite was done with water and result was reported


Authors : Sukhvinder Kaur, Sheenam Malhotra

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Abstract : Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a gathering of Multi-hop wireless mobile nodes. These nodes are communicated with each other without central control and establish infrastructure. The wireless link can go down regularly due to mobility of nodes and less infrastructure. A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a self- controlled wireless network consisting of mobile nodes. This paper proposes an adaptive hello messaging scheme to suppress unnecessary hello messages without reduced detect ability of broken links. Adaptive hello messaging scheme is proposed to solve the problems related energy saving and network overhead. So the PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) technique will be implemented using multi objectives optimization for an adaptive hello messaging. PSO is an optimization technique and considers the ability of solving the complex problems by cooperation.

Title : Dynamic Power Reduction of SRAM memory

Authors : Isha Gautam

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Abstract : Low power static-random access memories (SRAM) has become a critical component in modern VLSI systems. In cells, the bit-lines are the most power consuming components because of larger power dissipation in driving long bit-line with large capacitance. The cache write consumes considerable large power due to full voltage swing on the bit-line. The aim of the paper is to propose a new SRAM cell architecture to reduce the power consumption during write 0 and write 1 operation. The paper proposes a SRAM cell to reduce the power in write “0” as well as write “1”operation by introducing two tail transistors The proposed SRAM cell consumes less power than the conventional SRAM cell during write operation. The write access delay is reported to be lower than conventional. The Proposed SRAM cell designed and implemented with using .012µm CMOS technology. Simulation is performed by Microwind 3.1 & DSCH2 software. We design a 64-bits memory with the help of Proposed SRAM cell and finally the results are compared with Conventional 6T SRAM 64-bit memory. The power dissipated in Proposed SRAM memory is reduced up to18.88% in comparison to Conventional SRAM memory.

Title : Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Biodegradable Composite – A Review

Authors : Dileepkumar T Sahu, Ketul Brahmbhatt, Nilamkumar S Patel

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Abstract : In recent years, there has been a marked increase in interest in biodegradable materials for use in packaging, agriculture, medicine, and other areas. In particular, biodegradable polymer materials (known as biocomposites) are of interest. Polymers form the backbones of plastic materials, and are continually being employed in an expanding range of areas. As a result, many researchers are investing time into modifying traditional materials to make them more user-friendly, and into designing novel polymer composites out of naturally occurring materials. A number of biological materials may be incorporated into biodegradable polymer materials, with the most common being starch and fiber extracted from various types of plants. The belief is that biodegradable polymer materials will reduce the need for synthetic polymer production (thus reducing pollution) at a low cost, thereby producing a positive effect both environmentally and economically. This paper is intended to provide a brief outline of work that is under way in the area of biodegradable polymer research and development, the scientific theory behind these materials, areas in which this research is being applied, and future work that awaits.

Title : Handling User Navigation from Weblogs using P-Prefix Span Algorithm

Authors : Ms. T. Roobini, Mr. P.G. Om Prakash

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Abstract : Now a Days, People are increasingly using World Wide Web to extract the valuable information retrievals and knowledge discoveries. We know that the amount of online data transaction has been increased. Web Mining Technologies are the right solution for knowledge discovery on the Web. The two most important tasks in information extraction from the web are webpage structure understanding and natural language sentence processing. P-Prefix Span technique is to improve in different aspects like Performance for handling user navigation. In P-Prefix Span algorithm it has sequential pattern extract frequently occurring Inter-Session pattern such that presence of set of items followed by another item in time order. The task of Web Mining is to discover and extract interesting knowledge/pattern from web is classified into three types as web structure mining that focuses on hyperlink structure, web content mining page contents as well as web usage mining that focuses on web logs. Web mining is the base for navigation pattern mining and approach of clustering is used to perform that mining, Usage Mining deals with the discovery and analysis of usage patterns from web data, specifically web logs, in order to improve Web based applications and also to improve the customer relationship management. The algorithm also provide Dependency Modelling determine, if there is any significant Dependencies among Variables in Web.

Title : Optimization the Effect of volumetric shrinkage in multi cavity plastic injection molding

Authors : Gurmeet Singh, Sharad Shrivastav

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Abstract : Injection molding is a complex process regulated by many factors (injection speed, injection pressure, melt temperature, mold temperature, and others). Despite, process control and parameter optimization, it is often difficult to replicate thermoplastic components with adequate dimensional accuracy, especially in the case of geometries with high aspect ratios. For these reason, there is a need for study of volumetric shrinkage on other parameters . In this paper author simulate the shrinkage seffect with the help of the simulation work and with DOE approach. Data analysis evidenced the greater quality of workpieces obtained by mould flow adviser.

Title : Performance Measurement and Comparison of Hybrid Two Wheeler

Authors : Ravi Soni, Nityam Oza

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Abstract : At recent, tremendous research work is carried out in the field of automobile engineering to counteract the problem of conventional fuel depletion and harmful pollutant emissions. Electric vehicles has been proved for low running cost and reduced pollutant emission compared vehicle powered by conventional fuel like gasoline and diesel. However, electric vehicles are not popular because of low range of vehicle and require long charging time. Whereas, IC engine powered vehicle provides longer range, smaller refilling time and higher efficiency at cruising speed. However, during part load operation of Gasoline based IC Engine, higher harmful pollutant emission and poor fuel economy is observed. A hybrid two wheeler is developed to tap the advantage of long range and higher efficiency at cruising speed of IC Engine and lower emissions & efficient operation at low speed of electric power. The hybrid TVS Scooty ES two wheeler is tested in Vadodara city with driving conditions involve congested city driving and driving at cruising speed. The result shows 11.41 % improvement in fuel consumption compared to conventional gasoline based two wheeler.

Title : Development of Compressed Air Charged Vehicle

Authors : Dhyeya P. Pandya, Nityam Oza

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Abstract :

Air powered vehicles are those which can run on no external aids. In spite of electrical vehicles, these vehicles do not wait for recharging for longer period of time. Refuelling is easier and can be done in fraction of minutes. Most importantly it is having utmost same efficiency without compromising any kind of losses. At present the air technology in the automobile sector is very scarcely been used because of their low range of travel with single fueling. Our system deals with an attempt to make a more efficient air engine to give few more miles to get incorporate with. An attempt is made to convert two wheeler in compressed air charged rotary engine system, by providing air drive with specialized air tank which can hold up to 300bars or 4000psi of pressurized air to reduce space required for fuel (air). Rear wheel drive will serve initial pick up torque which will help the required modifications to vane angle as low as possible.