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Volume 02 Issue 06 (June 2015)

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Title : Boron concentration in water samples of Dhi - Qar Governorate (in Iraq) Using Carmine method

Authors : Thaer M. Salman, Teghreed A. Shaker

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Abstract :

Significant risks for human health may results from exposure to non pathogenic  toxic  contaminants that  are  often  globally  ubiquitous  in  waters  from  which drinking water is derived to measure the Boron,, concentration in water samples in Dhi-Qar governorate in Iraq. The measurements were performed by analyzing the  water  samples  collected from  45 location  using Carmine method.The Boron concentra- tions which  is obtained ranged from 0.25151 ppm  in Al-Fhued-al-amaira (1) to 1.05782 ppm  in AL- Garma - Center (1) in water samples. The results are presented and compared with other studies. The results could be utilized to make distinctive suppleme- ntary contributions when contamination event occurs and to implement water quality standards by concerned authorities to maintain radioactive contamination-free drinking water supplies for the people. The study further reveals that 45 surface water samples have boron below detection limit. The presence of boron in drinking water sources in this territory is of of natural origin. Thus, there is possibility of severe pollution problem with boron in near future.


Title : Transient Stability Improvement of Power System Using UPFC, a Case Study of 41-Bus Nigerian Grid System Modeled In PSAT

Authors : Ocheni A, Ezechukwu O A, Ezeakudo C E, Ezendokwele C E, Umunna

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Abstract :

This paper presents an approach to enhance transient stability of power system using flexible A.C transmission system (FACTS) devices. The study was carried out using 41-Bus Nigerian grid System as the case study. The UPFC was used to assess the improvement in power system stability after fault had occurred on the transmission line. The analysis was done using time domain simulation in PSAT/MATLAB Simulink environment considering a three phase faults applied on bus 10 of the Nigerian grid system. The transient characteristics of the rotor angle, angular frequencies and the output terminal voltage of the existing generators in the network were studied with and without UPFC installed. The results from the analysis shows that UPFC provide better damping during transient disturbance and enhances voltage stability


Title : DGS Based Micro strip Band pass Filter for Wireless Devices

Authors : Pranita P. Padhye, Mrs J. H. Patil

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Abstract :

Bandpass filters play a significant role in wireless communication systems. Transmitted and received signals have to be filtered at a certain center frequency with a specific bandwidth. This paper proposes an efficient technique to design a destructive ground structure (DGS) based microstrip bandpass filter. A dumbbell shaped DGS is used to design a microstrip bandpass filter. Here, a chebyshev type of bandpass filter is designed first and then by DGS the losses occurred in the gain will be minimized resulting in the miniaturizing the structure of bandpass filter. Furthermore, the extraction method of equivalent circuit parameters has also been derived. Demonstrating several simulations and comparisons on DGS circuits shows the validity of the proposed equivalent circuit model and modeling method. Also, by employing the proposed equivalent circuit of DGS, a harmonic rejection band pass filter is optimized. Simulation results for an optimized DGS based band pass filter for pass band from 5 GHz to 7 GHz are demonstrated. The simulation results agree with the theoretical ones.



Authors : Rohit Chahal, Dr. M.M.Pande

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Abstract :

The scope of present study aims at providing the M40 concrete with an optimum quantity of fly ash content that could be used in structural work/ road construction with acceptable strength values such that the cost of construction may be reduced to a great extent. Moreover, it also helps in reducing  the harmful impact of fly ash on environment


Title : Characteristic Impedance and Parametric Variation effects on SWCNT bundle Interconnect at 22 nm Technology Node

Authors : Shailendra Mishra, R.P.Agarwal

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Abstract :

single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) holds extremely good electrical and mechanical properties in conjugation to their application in sub nanometer regime and a viable replacement to Cu interconnects. This indeed raises a need to realize their characteristic impedance and the analysis of their transient behavior under different mismatch conditions to optimize the performance of total circuitry. The paper intends to overview the safe amount of load mismatch tolerated by SWCNT bundles with configuration of varying lengths and diameters without any signal reliability issues.


Title : Green Marketing- Myths and Realities

Authors : Anuradha Chavali, Thirumal Reddy .T

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Abstract :

Purpose: At this moment in history, where there is abundance of alternatives that are green, the purpose of this study is to revisit the entire journey of green marketing since its inception in 1970s to the contemporary times, providing a critique to acknowledge the contribution of this marketing tool in bringing about a paradigm shift in both marketing strategies as well as purchase intensions.

Approach: This paper employs an exploratory research relying on secondary research by reviewing existing literature  to provide significant insight into the evolution of green marketing and give some indication as to why, when and how of it.

Findings: The findings emphasizes on the need of firms for internalization and assimilation of their environmental mission and translating the same into subsequent business strategies for elevating the green purchase intensions.

Practical Implications: The paper provides an insight into the much debated but rarely concentrated marketing tool to address the environmental concerns and issues of sustainable development. It would benefit the practitioners in formulating strategies that would enhance green purchase decisions.

Research Implications/limitations: The generalization of research findings is questionable and the study needs further empirical evidences.

Originality/value: The paper provides a conceptual framework for understanding the operationalization and internalization of this green revolution by the firms and will be instrumental in formulating relevant hypothesis for more definite investigation.



Authors : Virendra Nath Pathak, Geeta Verma

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Abstract :

The vector space of the tensors  of type (0,3) having the same symmetries as the covariant derivative of the fundamental form of an almost r-contact metric manifold is considered. A scheme of decomposition of  into orthogonal components which are invariant under the action of  is given . Using this decomposition there are found 12 natural basic classes of almost r-contact metric manifolds. The classes of cosymplectic, Sasakian, Kenmotsu, etc. manifolds fit nicely to these considerations. On the other hand , many new interesting classes of almost r-contact metric manifolds arise


Title : Honeypots: A Boon to Network Security

Authors : Priyanka Walavalkar, Huzaifa Momin

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Abstract :

Nowadays Computer Networks and Internet has become very significant since it satisfies people with varying needs by providing variety of proper services.

Online bills, shopping, transactions and many other essential activities performed on the go by just a single click from our homes.

It is a boon in this era; it also has its own risks and insecurity too. More efforts should be taken by industries to provide security to their networks and indeed not possible to offer a cent per cent security due to the intangible intelligence of hackers intruding into the network.

This paper exploits the concept of honeypots for providing security to networks of industries which may not have custom intrusion detection systems or firewalls. This proposed paper extracts the various techniques used by hackers and creates a log of all hacker activities.

Thus using this log, attackers can be prevented from hacking the production network system.


Title : The significance of Strength of Recycle Concrete Aggregate

Authors : Aditya Singh Dhillon, Dr. Arvind Dewangan, Dr.D.P.Gupta

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Abstract :

Efficient use of the demolished concrete would reduce the costs and definitely lead to conservation of the invaluable non-renewable sources of energy and hence must be given due importance. The demolished concrete could be used as aggregate for concrete resulting in large consumption of the material. Recycling is the act of processing the used material for use in creating new product. The usage of natural aggregate is getting more and more intense with the development in infrastructure area. In order to reduce the usage of natural aggregate, recycled aggregate can be used as the replacement materials. Recycled aggregate comprise of crushed, graded inorganic particles obtained from the materials that have been used in the constructions and demolition debris. These materials are generally from buildings, roads, bridges, and sometimes even from catastrophes, such as wars and earthquakes. This study involves the experimental investigation of effect of fly ash and rice husk ash on the properties of burnt clay bricks. Determine the properties of the bricks casted with varying proportions of admixtures is taken into consideration whether the admixtures can be used for the production of clay bricks. On seeing the present day demand for bricks, an attempt is made to study the behavior of bricks manufactured using, different waste materials like rice husk ash and fly ash. The main aim of this work was to compare the compressive strength of the bricks. The bricks were made, sun dried and burnt in a kiln, and then with the help of Compression Testing Machine (C.T.M.) finely their compressive strength was calculated. From this test in this research work it was concluded that the bricks with fly ash as the waste material admixture, gave the highest compressive strength.



Authors : S. Srikrishnan, Dr. P.K. Dash, Dr. S. Nadaraja Pillai, S. Arunvinthan

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Abstract :

Since the origin of space age, manmade satellites have been commissioned into the orbit and those satellites have a senility of twenty years. For about more than five decades, these dead satellites have been accumulating around earth’s orbit, which contributes for significant amount of the debris. As a number of dead satellites in the earth’s orbit are steadily increasing, space debris, if left unchecked, will eventually pose a serious hazard to near earth space activities and effective measures to mitigate it are becoming quintessential. Additionally, if those satellites were brought back, they can be cannibalized for materials which help reducing the production cost for new satellites. Many methods have been proposed earlier for space debris cleaning. But the target has mostly been smaller debris (1 – 10 cm) as it is fatal and proposes a serious mitigation. The approach of fetching back older satellites which is a major source for the debris formation in space has been minimally broached and they are not yet confabbed in a detailed way due to the entailed expenditure incurred in missions. In this paper we come up with a robotic satellite accoutered with weldable deorbit thrust rockets in the hull to target LEO dead satellites. The concept is to couple the de-orbiting rockets to the dead satellites and tote them back.


Title : The Study of Strength characteristics of concrete using crushed stone dust with special reference to fine aggregate

Authors : Bhanu Pratap Singh, Er. V.K. Ahuja

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Abstract :

Two basic mixes were chosen for natural sand to achieve M 20 and M 30 Grade concrete. The equivalent mixes were obtained by replacing natural sand by stone dust partially and fully. Test results indicate that crushed stone dust waste can be used effectively to replace natural sand in concrete. Concrete made with this replacement can attain the same compressive strength, comparable tensile strength, modulus of rupture and lower degree of shrinkage as the control concrete.

.In the experimental study stone dust, the cubes were tested for 7days and 28days compressive strength 0%, 20%, 50% and 100% replacement of fine aggregate by stone dust in M25 and M30 grade concrete. The 7 days 28 days compressive strength is shown in tables 4.2 to 4.3and 4.6 to 4.7 respectively. The 7 days and28 days flexural strength beams obtained by replacing 0%, 20%, 50%, and 100% fine aggregate with stone dust is shown in tables 4.4 to 4.5 and 4.8 to 4.9 respectively. The result of cylinders that were tested for 28 days is shown tables 4.10 to 4.11.It has been observed that the result obtained in all compressive, flexural and spilt tensile strength are comparable with that of concrete with stone dust.


Title : A Technique for Conversion of Regular Expression to Finite Automata and Vice-versa

Authors : Ashwani, Shabnam Sangwan, Sunita Kumari

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Abstract :

The theory of computation is the branch of computer science and mathematics that deals with whether and how efficiently problems can be solved on a model of computation using an algorithm. In theoretical computer science, automata theory is the study of abstract machines and the computational problems that can be solved using these abstract machines. These abstract machines are called automata. Finite automata can be deterministic and non-deterministic. Every regular language that is described by non-deterministic finite automata can also be described by deterministic finite automata. Regular expressions [6] also denote regular languages, which consists of strings of particular type. The patterns of strings described by regular expression are exactly same as what can be described by finite automata. It means every formal language defined by any finite automata is also defined by a regular expression.


Title : Experimental Analysis of Jamming on Various Parameters Associated with Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs)

Authors : Henna Khosla, Rupinder Kaur

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Abstract :

MANETs are the networks having array of nodes such that the functionality of each node is independent of the infrastructure and are still a part of the whole network. Need of security is growing with the advancements of MANETs because MANETs may interact with hostile environment. Due to this interaction there may be some DoS attacks on the data sent by us. Jamming comes under DoS attacks. In these attacks, the desired data is banned from being received at the receiver such that various effects on the desired communication are obtained that are undesirable for smooth communication. So we need to secure our data from such attacks. But this security of MANETs is difficult due to various computing constraints and inherent resources. So we have shown the effects of jamming on parameters (Energy, Routing overhead, No. of hops travelled, throughput and packet loss) associated with MANETs


Title : Changing Consumer Dynamics - Impact on Shopping Behavior

Authors : Dr.K.Aparna, Dr.P.Murali Krishna

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Abstract :

Driven by changing lifestyles, rising income levels, favourable demographic patterns and with the entry of corporate sector, Indian retail is growing like never before. It is going through a transformation and the emerging market is witnessing a significant change in its growth pattern. Both existing and new players are experimenting with new retail formats. These emerging retail formats provide wide variety to customers and offer an ideal shopping experience with an amalgamation of product, entertainment and service, all under a single roof.

Changing tastes and preferences of consumers’ are leading to radical transformation in lifestyles and spending patterns and this in turn is giving rise to spurt in new business opportunities. Consumer dynamics in India is also changing and the retailers need to understand the changing dynamics and its impact on shopping behaviour and formulate their strategies accordingly to deliver the expected value to the consumers


Title : Improvement of Voltage Profile by a Novel Control Algorithm Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer

Authors : Kalyan Sekhar Banda, Sk.Nazeer

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Abstract :

This project gives the systematic procedure of the modeling and simulation of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) for power quality problem, voltage sag based on Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique. This problem is reduced by using custom power devices. The control of the Voltage Source Converter (VSC) is done with the help of PWM.  The proposed DVR is modeled and simulated by using MATLAB/Simulink environment.



Authors : Glory V. Umoh

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Abstract :

The paper reviews the meaning of Emospark, why Emospark, Objectives of Emospark, How it works, Hardware specification, connectivity features connecting the gap and its various advantages and disadvantages. It also considers the current progress of this technology in the real world and its structure. Then finally, this paper concludes by analysing the future potentials of Emospark.


Title : Automatic Blank Size Calculation of Sheet Metal Drawn Cylindrical Parts Based on NX Platform

Authors : Anant Yajurvedi, M.B. Mandale

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Abstract :

The Deep Drawing Process in sheet metal Processing, has wide scope for producing cup shaped components for various applications such as fuel tanks of vehicles, fan cowls, side panels of two wheeler vehicles etc. In Deep Drawing Process the raw material is pressed with the Punch & Die assembly to produce the final shape. The raw material in this case is called as ‘Blank’. At present the ‘Blank’ size required for particular components is calculated by formulas available in books. This paper describes the Automatic Blank size calculation by customizing the CAD package for CYLINDRICAL parts to avoid repetitive, time consuming tasks. The research uses the Moment Area Method for calculation of Blank size. The CAD package used here is Unigraphics(NX) & VB.NET API is used to customize the NX. The Program is tested on a cylindrical component as an illustration.


Title : Fruit Quality Analysis Using PNN

Authors : Patil Pritee U., Mr. S.V.Patil

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Abstract :

Every year tons of fruits are processed in agro and food processing industry and  Plenty fruits and vegetables are imported from the other nations such as oranges, apples etc. so manual identification of defected fruit is very time consuming which mainly affect on quality of fruit. . here  we have discuss apple recognition techniques of normal and infected..In this paper quality of fruit is measured. As we know fruit quality depends on several factors such as size, shape, color and weight.  This paper presents the work done for detection of fruits .  we discussed for infected and noninfected fruit by using k-means clustering as a segmentation method and used PNN as classifier.


Title : Total Productivity determinants in Algeria using ARDL model

Authors : ZEDDOUNE Djamel, BOUALI Abdelkader, belmokadem mustapha

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Abstract :

the aim of this study is to examine and analyze the determinants of total factor productivity in Algeria during the period 1980-2011.Using the standard form of self-regression model with periods of delay spread ‘’ARDL’’. The study concluded, into this results like the importance of the effect of wages, exports and real exchange rate on productivity of the College where the contribution of this moral factors, consistent with economic theory where each wage has a positive impact on overall productivity growth either real exchange rate impact it negatively because of the existence of an inverse relationship with total productivity.


Title : Damping of structures with viscoelastic material literature review

Authors : D.V.Kushare, Pankaj Beldar

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Abstract :

In most of the structures vibrations are not desirable. For better performance we have reduce vibrations by means of active and passive vibration control. As there are many problems with active vibration control, use of passive vibration control comes in picture. There is wide range of viscoelastic materials which can be used as passive constrained layer damping method. In this paper ,scope is to find another materials which can be used as passive damping material. For calculating loss factor obrest beam is used with logarithmic decrement and half power bandwidth method.


Title : Modeling of Various Weather Conditions in WDM-FSO-PI (Polarization Interleaving) System in Comparison to WDM-FSO System

Authors : Neha Gupta, Amandeep Singh Sappal

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Abstract :

Polarization Interleaving technique has many advantages such as excellent SNR performance, freedom from interference of continuous channels of wavelength multiplexed channels etc and proves to be a good choice for it's applications in WDM-FSO system employing polarization Interleaving(PI). This paper investigates the performance of WDM-FSO-PI system under the effect of atmospheric turbulences in comparison to WDM-FSO which does not employ the technique of polarization Interleaving.  In this work 128Gbps data is sent through 16 channels each of capacity 8Gbps and is transmitted over free space optical link. Performance analysis is done in terms of SNR, power and eye diagrams.


Title : Use of Sentiment Analysis to Post Online Opinion Poll of Reviews

Authors : Ms. Mrunal S. Pendharkar, Mrs. Sweta Kale

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Abstract :

Opinion mining (also called as sentiment analysis) aims to understand people's thinking towards entities such as products like mobiles, etc. In opinion mining, an opinion word, or feature in short, extracts a thing or a feature of an entity on which users state their views. The proposed model is a new approach to the recognition of such features from unstructured textual reviews. The opinion features are assigned weights or frequency which is used to state the nature of reviews. It is, thus, important to extract the specific opinionated features from text reviews and associate them to opinions. The Proposed work generates syntactic relevant rules which are used to create a list of candidate rules from the given domain review database, for example, mobile or hotel databases. Secondly, for each standard feature candidate, its domain application score with respect to the domain-specific and domain independent database is calculated, which is termed as Intrinsic-Domain Relevance (IDR) score, and the Extrinsic Domain Relevance (EDR) score, respectively. Finally, candidate reviews with low IDR scores and high EDR scores are deleted. It is called as the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Domain Relevance (IEDR) criterion.



Authors : Ben Austin B Alapatt, Neelesh Ashok

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Abstract :

This paper reports a novel idea of  metallurgical  characterization of electron beam welded Copper-Chromium-Zirconium (CRZ) with stainless steel (SS) 316L by using Ni as an intermediate. EBW weldment was placed through a series of tests, and characterization includes; material composition (macroscopic and microscopic) and hardness survey on different test specimens. Prior to welding, CRZ material was solution annealed at 980°C for 15 min. After welding, the material was placed through a conventional post weld heat treatment cycle; i.e aging at 460–480°C for 4.5 hr.Macro and micro-analysis of the EBW weldments exhibited a columnar grain microstructure with the exception of a reduced Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), and less distortion weld. Mechanical hardness properties were evaluated at various metallographic locations, including the substrate, HAZ, and weld filler material.


Title : A Modified Approach for Inferring User Search Goal Using Feedback Session

Authors : Harshal Kekan, Prof. Dhara T. Kurian

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Abstract :

now a day’s use of internet is increasing rapidly. For broad topic each new user may have his different user goals. Hence the inference and analysis of the user search goals can improve the efficiency of the search engine and also reduce the time needed to search the query as unwanted data can get hide from the user and user get only his goal oriented search results. Currently everyone is searching on the internet and internet provides you ambiguous result of same things as it contains lot of information. In proposed method system will provide the information related to the user goals. In this paper we have discover a novel framework to discover the user goals by clustering the user search goals and then new approach to generate the pseudo document to represent the clustering effectively. At the end we have proposed novel approach CAP to calculate the performance of the search engine.



Authors : Ravinder, Dr. Arvind Dewangan, Dr. (Prof.) D.P.Gupta

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Abstract :

The Research topic is “Design of a Flexible Pavement with Cemented Base and Cemented Sub Base” consists of designing a flexible pavement using latest IRC recommendation given in IRC: 37-2012. The study aims at reducing the thickness of the pavement and provide economical design with cemented base and cemented sub base. The cemented base and cemented sub-base is an important layer in the pavement structure. It mainly acts as a structural layer helping to spread the wheel loads so that the sub grade is not overstressed. It also plays a useful role as a separation layer between the surface and sub grade and provides a good working platform on which the other paving material can be laid and compacted. It can also act as a drainage layer. The selection of material and the design of the cemented base and cemented sub-base will depend upon the particular design function of the layer and also the expected in-situ moisture conditions.

.In place of conventional layers of GSB and WBM/WMM in sub-base and base course of the pavement, cement treated base and cement treated sub-base layers can also be provided. A crack relief layer of wet mix macadam of thickness 100 mm sandwiched between the bituminous layer and treated layer is much more effective in arresting the propagation of cracks from the cementitious base to the bituminous layer. The aggregate layer becomes stiffer under heavier loads because of high confining pressure. If there is shoving and deformation in the unbound layer caused by the construction traffic, the granular layer may be treated with 1 to 2 percent bitumen emulsion of grade MS to avoid reshaping.


Title : A Survey on Image Fusion Techniques

Authors : Rakesh Bhangale, Dr.P.M.Mahajan

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Abstract :

the image fusion technique is the synergistic use of two or more sensors at the same time. Access to the image of a scene or image sequence information to be integrated to obtain the same target is more objective, providing a more fundamental understanding of processing technology. We give the framework of the overall system and explain its usage method. The system has many functions: image de noising, image enhancement, image registration, image segmentation, image fusion, and fusion evaluation. This paper presents a literature review on some of the image fusion techniques for image fusion like, Laplace transform, Discrete Wavelet transform based fusion, Principal component analysis (PCA) based fusion etc. Comparison of all the techniques can be the better approach for future research.