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Volume 04 Issue 10 (October 2017)

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Title : Phono tactic Reconstruction and Inferring Application Protocol Behaviors in Encrypted Web Browsing Traffic

Authors : K. Ravikumar , R. Thanga

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Abstract :

Smartphone apps have transformed the way we interact with online facilities, but highly specialized apps come at a cost to privacy. In this paper we will validate that a passive observer is capable of identifying fine-grained user events within the wireless network traffic produced by apps. Despite the widespread use of fully encrypted communication, our technique, called Net Scope, is based on the intuition that the highly specific application of each app leaves an impression on its traffic behavior (e.g., transfer rates, packet exchanges, and data movement). By learning the subtle traffic interactive differences between activities (e.g., “cruising” versus “discussion” in a dating app), Net Scope is able to perform robust inference of users’ activities, for both Android and iOS devices, grounded solely on inspecting IP titles. Our evaluation with 35 widely widespread app activities (ranging from social networking and dating to particular health and presidential operations) shows that Net Scope yields high discovery accuracy (78.04% meticulousness and 76.04% recall on normal).


Title : Effect of Surrogate Advertising in Alcohol Industry

Authors : Punit Kumar, Amit Verma, Ranit Halder, Punjala Varun Datta

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Abstract :

Advertisements are used to get the attention of people thereby forming a distinct image in one’s mind.  Alcohol and cigarette advertisements were found to have severe impact on people due to increased consumption rate. So Indian government banned alcohol and cigarette advertisements in 1995 (Nathwani 2016)[6]. This gave birth to the rise of surrogate advertisements in India. Surrogate advertisement is a form of advertisement used to advertise banned products by replacing them with a surrogate product. In India we can find many surrogate advertisements like Bacardi using music CD’s, McDowell’s and Bagpiper using soda water as surrogate to promote its alcoholic products. The purpose of this study is to study the how surrogate advertisement has evolved, incidents leading to rise of it, effect of surrogate advertisement in India. How these advertisements can effect youth, whether they are influenced by the role models pitched in to advertise the brand.


Title : Expert Systems and Multi Agent Systems for Information Security Risk Management and Audit

Authors : Sophia FARIS, Hicham MEDROMI, Adil SAYOUTI

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Abstract :

Governing the security of information became an increasingly important challenge for all executive levels of every organization.

It is extremely important that security has to be addressed through the whole system development process, not in a late stage i.e. development or maintenance.

An effective risk management can protect organizations and maintain their ability to carry out their missions and activities against threats as well helping them to implement relevant controls to their information systems.

Our work is part of a project resulting from the collaboration of the systems architecture' team (EAS) that proposes an IT GRC (Governance, risk and compliance) architecture for a high level of IT GRC management.                                                  

Our solution focuses on IT risks and proposes a new approach of security and audit which aims to provide security managers recommendations to justify their information security management decisions.                                                              

 The EAS-OISRMA (Organization Information Security Risk Management and Audit) solution proposed in this paper is based on multi-agent systems and expert systems.

These two concepts provide significant advantages in information security and audit areas.                                                   

This paper discusses the conception of EAS-OISRMA  which is a web-based application module that serves as a tool for handling with security issues.

EAS-OISRMA is a tool dedicated to auditors, information system security managers (ISSM) and business decision makers to help them manage the security incidents through their information systems, and take the best decisions in an intelligent way in order to mitigate risk in their platforms to achieve business goals.


Title : Performance Improvement of Buck-Boost Converter Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Authors : B. Sujanarko, I. Syafrizal, S. Bachri, R.B.M. Gozali, S. Prasetyo, T. Hardianto

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Abstract :

The Buck - boost converter is a system to step-down and step-up a DC source. But if the voltage of DC source and the load in the fluctuative condition, the output voltage of the Buck-boost converter is not stable. In this research, Fuzzy logic controller used to make Buck-Boost converter can adapt load and DC voltage variation to produce a stable DC output. Converter built using MOSFET, PWM signal in the frequency 4 kHz and voltage of DC source in the 30 V to 60 V. Fuzzy logic controller built using Matlab Simulink and connected to Converter by PCI 1710HG. This controller made PWM duty cycle in accordance with the changing of set point and input voltage. The experiment result shown that the converter output can produce voltage in the set point although in fluctuated input voltage.


Title : Factors Affecting Productivity of Flat Slab Rebar Installation Labors in Egypt

Authors : Hossam El-deen H. Mohamed, Ahmed H. Ibrahim, Ahmed M. Morsy

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Abstract :

Estimating the construction labor productivity has a significant importance for construction planning, scheduling and cost estimating. It is very important to maximize labor productivity and accurately forecast activity durations to achieve lower labor cost and shorter project duration. A company may lose money in the execution of the project if the labor cost was wrongly estimated. On the other hand, if the estimate is high, the company may lose the contract due to overpricing.

So this paper aims to identify the factors affecting the productivity of flat slab rebar installation labors in Egypt. Thirty factors were selected and classified into four main categories from the literature review. In addition using a questionnaire survey filled by 120 engineer and contractor in the construction sector in Egypt to get the most important factors affecting productivity of flat slab rebar installation labors, these important factors are seventeen according to using two measure scales, the first is the frequency measure which means how much the productivity of flat slab rebar installation labors is selected according to each factor and the second is the importance of each factor when occurred in the projects on the productivity of flat slab rebar installation labors. Data were gathered from 120 building projects residential in Egypt and analysis them to know the effect of each factor on the productivity of flat slab rebar installation labors in Egypt.


Title : Study the Effect of Gamma Ray on the Optical Properties of Polyvinyle Pyrrolidone (PVP) Doped With Safranin O Thin Film Prepared By Spin Coating Method

Authors : Hassan K. Ibrahim

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Abstract :

The effect of gamma rays on the optical properties of polyvinyle  pyrolidone (PVP) doped with safranin O thin film prepared by spin coating method on glass substrate at room temperature was investigated. The thin film was exposed to Cs-137 gamma-radiation source at dose rate 0.56 Gy/min at room temperature for 5 months .The analysis of the absorption data revealed existence of indirect transition in the optical band gap. The optical constants such as absorbance, transmition, reflection, refractive index ,extinction coefficient ,real and imaginary parts of dielectric constants , optical and electrical conductivity ,dispersion energy Ed and oscillation energy E0 ,the third order optical nonlinear susceptibility c(3) ,relaxation time t and the surface, volume energy loss function and electronic interband transition strength have been investigated at film thickness 10 mm over spectral of


Title : Sensitivity Analysis of Earthquake Acceleration and Drainage Efficiency on the Stability of Weighted Concrete Dams

Authors : Amirmasoud Hamedi, Vahid Mahdavifar, Shahin Sajjadi, Mohammad Fesharaki

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Abstract :

Dams are one of the biggest and most important structures that are built by mankind to meet different purposes in particular optimal exploitation of the water resources in the desired area. Failure of this type of structure can lead to catastrophic damages to the downstream side of the dam. Therefore, great accuracy and attention in designing and maintaining the stability of these structures are of crucial importance. One of the most important debates is maintaining the stability of dams against sliding and overturning. In this research, the effect of earthquake acceleration as well as the efficiency of drainage in weighted concrete dams in different loading modes has been analyzed on the overturning safety factor and slipping safety factor of stability by using numerical modeling. The results indicate that by increasing the efficiency of drainage, the overturning and Slipping Safety Factor increase at the dam toe and this leads to better stability of the dam. Also, increasing the earthquake acceleration reduces the overturning safety factor and Slipping Safety Factor and leads to dam instability; dam instability is occurred by increased driving force. In general, it can be concluded that the effect of increased earthquake acceleration on the stability safety factor is far more than the effect of increased efficiency drainage on these factors.


Title : Loading Analysis of a Typical Electric Pylon

Authors : I. Jusoh, H. A. Ghulman, T. S. Mandourah, C. C. Tan

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Abstract :

Electric pylon is a structure made of steel having relatively high ratio for its length and width.  The structure is strong enough to withstand gravity and several type of external forces. Electric pylon is one of the vital components of electric transmission line that make a transmission tower. The tower must be reliable and able to operate under several loading conditions. Environmental loading contributes the largest percentage of the total loads experienced by any typical tower structure. This paper investigates the loading condition usually experiences by typical pylon structure. The structure modeling is done using finite element software. The influence of various loading conditions on the structure is investigated and the critical elements of the tower structure are determined. From the result obtained, it shows that the most critical element is bracing member situated on the lowest level of the pylon structure. The result of this study also shows that the safety level in the entire structure is acceptable under all the most severe loading conditions.


Title : Stratigraphic Characteristics of the Alibonca Formation in the Southern Arapgir, Malatya, Turkey

Authors : Mustafa Sönmez, Ercan Aksoy

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Abstract :

The main purpose of this article is to reveal the age and formation environment of the Alibonca Formation. The units that cropped out in the study area are Keban Metamorphites (Permo-Trias), Alibonca Formation (Lower Miocene), Malatya Volcanites (Lower-Upper Miocene), Meteristepe formation (Lower Pleistocene), Yoncalı formation (Upper Pleistocene), talus and alluviums (Holocene-current).

Alibonca Formation is composed of medium-thick bedded limestone that is the product of carbonate platform. The unit also comprises mudstone containing clay-rich limestone, marl and coal strata that deposited on the lagoons connected to the Miocene Sea that the limestone deposited on. The unit unconformably overlying different bases was formed in the Aquitanian- Burdigalian period when the region fell under transgression effect. The Lower-Upper Miocene aged Malatya Volcanites are composed of agglomerate, tuff lapilli and lava flows with dacitic, andesitic and basaltic composition crossing them. There is a transitional and concordant contact between Alibonca Formation and Malatya Volcanites.