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Volume 06 Issue 04 (April 2019)

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Title : Modeling Time Series Data in Foreign Banks in India

Authors : Dr. Parag Kalkar, Dr. Vidula Anil Adkar

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Abstract :

Post 1991 reforms, Indian economy became an open economy, which meant that, foreign banks and institutions could invest and setup their businesses in the country. The Indian banking system is subjugated by the Public sector banks followed by the Private Sector banks. Foreign banks contribute towards the Indian banking system in terms of technology, skill transfer, modernization of the system, enhancement of banks participation in foreign exchange and many more.  Regardless, Foreign banks are increasingly shrinking their presence in India and are also becoming more conservative than private and public sector counterparts. Profitability and Non Performing Assets position being the crucial factors for the sustainability of the banks, Foreign Banks’ position is tremendously fluctuating since 2015. Hence, it is necessary to forecast the same. This research paper predicts the response variables; Net Profit, Gross NPA, Net NPA and Net NPA as % Net Advances of the Foreign Banks in India for the years 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Expert time series modeler is used to predict the response variables for three years. Considering the time series data, the best fit simple model is demonstrated. Goodness of fit- R2 represents the prominent data fit for the response variables. Sluggish forecasted values are observed for the response variable Net Profits,Net NPA and Net NPA as % Net Advances whereas the Gross NPA is consistently showing an increasing trend for the predicted years (2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21). The predicted profitability and Non-performing assets of ForeignBanks in India is appalling.


Title : H ∞ Filter Analysis and Design for Systems with Time-varying Delay based on Novel Summation Inequalities

Authors : Jia Ruimin , Sun Liankun,Zhao Zhanshan

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Abstract :

H ∞filtering problem has been a particular important issue in networked control systems(NCSs) during recent years. As we know, the use of inequality technique when dealing with some cross terms is always a main source of conservatism. This paper firstly applies a Wirtinger-based inequality to H ∞ filtering problem for linear system with time delay. Considering the advance of novel summation inequality, we conclude a sufficient condition that guarantees system stable. Based on new delay- dependent bound real lemma(BRL) we obtained, a novel H ∞ filter design approach is proposed in terms of linear matrix inequality(LMI). Then, we address coupling between Lyapunov Functional and system matrix by congruence transformation. Finally, a H ∞ filter has been designed, which with much lower conservatism.


Title : A Study on Impact of Brand Positioning At Force Motors with Special Reference to Thanjavur

Authors : Mr. R.S. Prabhakar, Dr. R. Prema

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Abstract :

Brand positioning also plays a vital role across the marketing strategies and when this strategy is applied to the private academic institutions it will fetch ample enrolments and in this context when the marketing managers were interviewed the key findings are given in this section. When one of the marketing head was asked regarding this, he replied that, “Positioning is done mainly to meet the core competition and we project ourselves with the quality of education we provide and also we meet the students from different colleges across the various occasions and students from our institution will enhance the positioning across such events”.
From this statement it is clear that positioning the brand image of the institutes mainly depends on their current students when they go across various national level events and the corresponding success stories will enhance the required value.  Positioning marketing plays a vital role across education business and the main factors that are useful in this context are the corresponding students and their active involvement at different national level occasions.
When the same question was asked to another market manager he replied that, “We use position marketing to improve the number of enrollments as positioning is done at the counseling level and also at different educational fares level as well”. It is clear from this statement positioning always improves the enrolments as they will focus on this at the counseling level where they can distribute the required broachers and prospects and attract the students using this positioning marketing.


Title : Research on the Strategies of Tourism Development in Benin

Authors : Kpede Felicite Ruth Gbedjihounde, Zhang Xin

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Abstract :

Tourists from all over the world are attracted to Africa for the safari tourism opportunities that the continent offers. According to a report of the World Bank, there are 48 countries in the region which are the most popular destinations for international tourists. This paper examines the strengths and weaknesses of the tourism offer in the Republic of Benin using a SWOT analysis. The results show that by implementing a policy which aims at developing infrastructure for tourism and reducing the costs of some outputs, the tourism could be a greater driver of the economy in this country as the number of tourists is expected to substantially grow and reach a level of 315,000 tourists by 2023.