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Volume 06 Issue 07 (July 2019)

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Title : Effective Utilization of Technology for Discovery of Equilibrium Prices: Forward Auctions of NCDFI eMarket

Authors : Srinivas Sajja

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Abstract :

While technology can help any organization in a number of ways, effective utilization of technology increases the return on investment. This paper considers one such case where the technology is used for protecting the interest of dairy farmers and buyers by discovering the Equilibrium Prices. This paper discusses methodology for Forward Auctions adopted by NCDFI, an apex cooperative dairy, for its eMarket operations. Results of an empirical test that demonstrates the relevance of the adopted model and merits of the system also discussed in this paper. At the end, the paper also discusses future research and application areas.


Title : Risks of Crisis Situation: Communication Contribution

Authors : Iman Zrelli

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Abstract :

Background: Communication has become one of the central themes of our contemporary societies of the Head of State to the citizens.

Objective: Everyone wonders: why so many difficulties to communicate? How to promote communication between individuals, between groups or within an organization? What to say when it comes to a crisis situation.

Methods: The interest of this work is to present the issues related to a crisis situation especially during communication.

Results:  The various episodes of communication in crises have shown that public authorities have understood issues related to the media component. The media are increasingly linked to communication.

Conclusions:  It can not be denied that communication plays a crucial role, in crisis situations, for institutions, both public and private. Communication is required to inform and reassure residents and to restore confidence. But the crisis can arise by communicating itself.


Title : A Study on the Adoption Level of Mobile Banking In the State Of Gujarat

Authors : Rinky. A. Menon, Dr. Kamini Shah

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Abstract :

The rapid growth of technology has transformed the way businesses work today.  With this there has been an evolution in the past decade in the field of banking too. The banking industry has evolved from the traditional maneuvers to the modern acceptance of technology to bring about change in the business industry. The present study explores the adoption rate and awareness levels of mobile banking in the state of Gujarat. The study has been carried out using structured questionnaire in different areas of Gujarat. The respondents were varied in their age to occupation to their usage patterns. The study revealed that users are adopting mobile banking but face technical and security issues with their regular usage.


Title : Study on the Stability Convergence Rate of Fluid Flow Congestion Control Model with Time Delay

Authors : Yang He, Yanhui Zhai

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Abstract :

This paper studies the fluid flow congestion control model with time delay by using the switching geometric criterion method of stability for systems with time delay, discusses the stability and -stability of the model, and verifies the accuracy and validity of the conclusions by numerical simulation, finally compares the differences and connections between the two stability