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Volume 07 Issue 02 (February 2020)

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Title : An Analysis of the Educational Status of Chinese School Students- Chi-Square Test to Explore the Importance of Planned Learning

Authors : JianXin Zheng

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Abstract :

 With the continuous development of education in China, education has become the country's largest basic project. As the pillars of contemporary Chinese social development, students are particularly important to explore their future development of Chinese society.

The data in this paper were collected by questionnaire survey method and interview method. And use statistical methods such as chi-square test, factor analysis, and analytic hierarchy process to analyze the data reasonably. Based on the results of data processing, reasonable suggestions are made for the education of students at school


Title : A Study on Life Insurance Industry of India

Authors : Prof. Dr. S.R. Varade, V. M. Chaudhari

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Abstract :

Insurance industry in India has seen a major growth in the last decade along with an introduction of a huge number of advanced products. This has led to a tough competition with a positive and healthy outcome. Insurance sector in India plays a dynamic role in the wellbeing of its economy. It substantially increases the opportunities for savings amongst the individuals, safeguards their future and helps the insurance sector form a massive pool of funds. With the help of these funds, the insurance sector highly contributes to the capital markets, thereby increasing large infrastructure developments in India. With the change in the consumer perception on life insurance and its awareness and penetration, the industry has witnessed a remarkable growth in its business. After globalization in 1991 the Indian life insurance industry has geared up in all respects, as well as it is being forced to face a lot of competition from many national and international private insurance players. This paper is aimed at examining the status of LIC of India in this highly competitive scenario as well as estimating future trend of insurance business of LIC of India, as to analyze its future position in the high competition.