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Volume 07 Issue 11 (November 2020)

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Title : Banking Governance Facing Stakeholders - Case study of the External Bank of Algeria (BEA)

Authors : Dr SENOUCI Kouider, Dr MERAD BOUDIA Mohammed Djamil

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Abstract :

The banking governance is different from that of enterprises. The equal satisfaction of the different concerned organizational parts (internal), economic (external) and societal (NGO) is not an easy task, yet realizable. The performance of enterprises in general and that of banks in particular usually should go through the integration of governance within a framework of relationship between enterprises and concerned parts at large. The different models and theoretical and universal empirical concepts have almost dealt with this timely topic on scientific basis. Governance has become a culture, if not a guide, providing the enterprise with basic principles to improve its performance. Additionally, in Algeria the strict prudential regulating laws are implemented gradually to meet the universal standards. However, the Algerian banks still lag behind, this presents a real risk for the whole sector. Thus, the credit rationing is gaining ground in Algeria for no obvious reasons at the expense of the national economy. The objective of this paper is to know how good governance of the bank can improve its performance.


Title : Carbon Nanotubes as Cementious Material, Effects and Properties in Cement Composites – A Review

Authors : R. Madhusudhana, K. L. Sushma , L. Krishnamurthy, R. Gopalkrishne Urs

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Abstract :

Cement is commonly used in all the construction industries. This wide usage of cement has become more which may cause some important environmental impact. In order to avoid this, Carbon Nanotubes (CNT’s) are used as cementious material as they exhibit remarkable mechanical properties like tensile strength, compression strength.  These kinds of  Nano materials also enable structural and energy conversation. In this paper, we review the effects of incorporation of CNT’s used as cementious material and the methods by which CNT’s are dispersed into cement