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Volume 08 Issue 07 (July 2021)

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Title : Analysis of RC Framed Post Tensioned Slab Structure to Evaluate the Performance of Floating Column with and Without Shear Wall in Irregular Building Using ETABS

Authors : Ranjana Raj, Riyana M S

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Abstract :

this research aims to develop analytical study of post tensioned slab with floating column in irregular building. In present scenario buildings with floating columns are of typical feature within the fashionable multi storey construction practices in urban India. Such sorts of constructions are highly undesirable in building inbuilt seismically active areas. For this buildings are given floating columns at one  or more  storey. These floating columns are highly disadvantageous during a building inbuilt seismically active area. The earthquake forces that are developed at different floor levels during a building got to be carried down along the peak to the bottom by the shortest path. Deviation or discontinuity during this load transfer path leads to poor performance of the building. In this paper, analytical study of post tensioned slab to evaluate the performance of floating column at ground level or at alternative story for G + 10 story building without shear wall, shear wall at corner, shear wall at center, shear wall at external middle and combined shear wall are provided for stepped building is taken for study. The response of building like storey drift, storey displacement and storey shear has been wont to evaluate the results obtained using ETABS software.


Title : Teaching Strategies in Teaching Hospitality and Management in Distance Learning Delivery Modalities amid COVID- 19 Pandemic

Authors : Alma Pia R. Garcia, Dean Alec C. De Leon

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Abstract :

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges and has impacted educational institutions. Universities and colleges have temporarily closed and rapidly moved from on-campus, face-to-face learning to distance learning. Hospitality and tourism education, which is offered by universities and involves close collaboration with the tourism industry has been severely impacted during the pandemic. Educators should seek to incorporate a variety of teaching methods and instructional goals in a highly competitive, technologically evolving world. This study examines the effectiveness of different teaching strategies in teaching hospitality and management in distance learning delivery modalities amid the COVID- 19 pandemic. The research employed the descriptive design where the student and teacher respondents were purposively selected. The teaching strategies used are video demonstrations, tutorials and interactive simulations, using learning management system (LSM) like google classroom and Edmodo, chat sessions and group discussions, and digital assessment and conference. The findings revealed that the weighted mean for the effectiveness of different teaching strategies in hospitality and management during COVID- 19 is .36 with verbal description of “Very Functional”, the effects of teaching strategies in distance learning on the learning performance or outcome of hospitality and management students got the overall weighted mean of 3.66 and interpreted as “Very Satisfactory”. The results also revealed that students and teachers were challenged in teaching during distance learning. Recommendations for the enhancement and developing other teaching strategies were also made.


Title : Developing Muslim Students by Using Collective Online Learning: An Exploratory Study

Authors : Sultana Parvin, Rodrigue Fontaine

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Abstract :

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to develop Spiritual Intelligence among students.

Design/methodology/approach - An observation method was applied to IIUM students and open-ended questions were conducted in the form of class and final exam questions and then transcribed.

Findings - After analyzing the data, we have found that Islamic personality assignment can be modified in a group, which will lead to a shared understanding of the Quran. Through collective online learning, group dynamics will increase, but there is no evidence to improve spirituality among individuals.

Significance of the study – This study focuses on group shared understanding to see if employees listen Islamic talk within office hours in group what will happen as it will reduce extra pressure after going back home and create share understanding.