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Volume 08 Issue 09 (September 2021)

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Title : Longer Text Classification Based on BiLSTM-CNN Model

Authors : Dongdong Song, Baoshan Sun

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Abstract :

A single CNN network has many drawbacks when processing text classification tasks. For example, when classifying longer texts, it is easy to ignore the contextual semantic information, resulting in low classification accuracy. This paper proposes a model that combines CNN and BiLSTM: BiLSTM-CNN's long text classification method. First, use the Skip-gram model in Word2Vec to map the words in the data and convert them into fixed-dimensional vectors; then use BiLSTM to capture bidirectional semantic information; finally, the features extracted by the BiLSTM model and the word embedding features are spliced as a CNN The input of, uses the convolution kernel of size 2, 3, 4 for convolution. Experiments were conducted on two public data sets of THUCNews and SougouCS. The experimental results show that the fused BiLSTM-CNN model is better than the BiLSTM and CNN models in the classification of longer texts.


Title : The Effect of Good Corporate Governance Mechanism on the Quality of Earnings with Profit Management as Moderation

Authors : Heureka Nurbaiti Anwar, Hari Setiyawati

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Abstract :

This research begins with the existence of the phenomenon of earnings management actions on financial statements carried out by the company PT. Garuda Indonesia Tbk and PT. Timah Tbk. Earnings management actions taken make the quality of the company's earnings doubtful. So this study aims to examine and analyze the effect of good corporate governance mechanisms on earnings quality with earnings management as moderating. This research is a quantitative research. Data collection uses the financial statements of State-Owned Enterprises listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2016 – 2019 as many as 60 samples. Data analysis using Eviews.

The results showed that the board of directors had a significant effect on earnings quality. Meanwhile institutional ownership, audit committee and earnings management have no effect on earnings quality. In addition, the audit committee has a significant effect on earnings quality, which is moderated by earnings management. Meanwhile, the board of directors and institutional ownership have no effect on the quality of earnings moderated by earnings management


Title : The Jack-Up Leg, Wave-Particle Kinematics, and Its Interaction

Authors : Iberahin Jusoh

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Abstract :

Any structure installed in the sea will have to interact with the marine environment. The main source of interaction comes from wind, wave, and current. This interaction will produce an external force acting on the structure. In this paper, the motion of water particles was investigated. Several wave heights were selected to compare variation in the outcome. Results are presented in tabulated and graphical forms. Water particle motion is presented in terms of velocity and acceleration in the vicinity of the jack-up leg. It was found that the variation in the velocity is in a similar trend for all cases of wave height, where the velocities are higher near the sea surface. Similarly, the acceleration of water particles also shows a higher magnitude near the water surface. The highest water velocity is found to be 3.06 m/s for wave height H=13 m. A maximum acceleration of 1.38 m/s2 occurred in the case of vertical wave-particle acceleration for H=8 m. Horizontal wave load-induced load of 23.5 kN occurred on the jack-up leg at a water level 3.4 m below mean water level (MWL).


Title : Exploring the Consumer Behavior of Intention to Purchase Green Brands & Products: An Empirical Analysis

Authors : Pavan Kulkarni

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Abstract :

Companies strive to reduce environmental impact through sustainable business practices. Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues and many companies have recognized the relevance of the green market in gaining competitive advantage. As part of the green marketing strategy, companies are developing green brands. This paper focuses on the impact of consumer care on the environment, environmental knowledge and self- expression benefits of buying a green brand. Data were collected from 270 Indian customers. The results of this research show that environmental concerns, environmental knowledge and self-expression benefits positively influence behavior and positively influence the purchase of green brands. The influence of consumers' knowledge of the environment on purchase intention was found to be insignificant. Therefore, investing in resources to promote environmental concerns, impart environmental knowledge and convey the benefits of self-expression can help increase the buying intentions of green brands.