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Volume 08 Issue 12 (December 2021)

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Title : Physics Education Technology (PhET) Interactive Simulation in Student’s Learning Skills in Biology

Authors : Kale Andrea B. Salazar

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Abstract :

The study aimed to determine the impact of integration of PhET interactive simulation in students’ learning skills in Biology 2.  The respondents were the 70 grade 12 Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students from Aliaga National High School and San Ricardo National High both in the context of blended learning modality and they were selected using purposive sampling in order to satisfy the objectives of the study. The researcher used descriptive correlational research to describe the relationship of PhET interactive simulation and students’ skills. The findings results that students are allotted one to hours in their online learning using their smartphone and they can access online learning using data internet connections. The students had a very good performance in the subject. The integration of PhET interactive simulation in students’ learning skills concluded that it helps develop students’ flexibility, inquiry and discovery process, creativity, exploration and analytical and critical thinking skills. The findings concluded that those students with smart phone and laptop, DSL connection and always attended online class have better level of PhET interactive simulation.