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Volume 09 Issue 01 (January 2022)

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Title : Design and Application of Teaching Case of Big Data Analysis Based on Differential Privacy

Authors : Wenju Liu, Huicong Jiao, Ze Wang

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Abstract :

Aiming at the problem of poor data availability caused by excessive adding noise during trajectory privacy protection by differential privacy, combined with the teaching experience in big data privacy protection in recent years, a trajectory privacy protection method based on semantic privacy level was proposed. The case design and teaching method of trajectory privacy protection are discussed in order to provide reference for the applied teaching reform of differential privacy.


Title : An Exploration of Cultivation Mode of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents in Universities under Internationalization

Authors : Jiang Lingnan

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Abstract :

In recent years, China has implemented a range of internationalization strategies, and the cultivation of sophisticated innovative and entrepreneurial talents with international perspectives has become an incredibly prominent part of the educational reform and development of Chinese universities. Various problems encountered in the process of talent training are discovered and targeted suggestions are made by studying the training system of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in universities. With the goal of cultivating international innovative and entrepreneurial talents and the main path of improving the cultivation mechanism of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, it will cultivate outstanding university graduates with international vision, innovation spirit and entrepreneurial practice ability, promoting the further development of Chinese graduates’ employment.


Title : A Study of Different Types Stages of the Consumer Decision Making Process

Authors : Mr. Gaikwad Deepak Devendra

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Abstract :

In consumer decision-making process and factors that influence them was elaborated for a possibility to influence consumer behavior in favors of company’s offers. Furthermore, recommendations for marketers were suggested for deeper understanding the consumer behavior and their buying strategies to empower marketing campaigns and be a success in the market. The paper also suggests several directions for future research related to buying behavior. Consumer Decision Making refers to the process under which consumers go through in deciding what to purchase, including problem recognition, information searching, evaluation of alternatives, making the decision and post-purchase evaluation