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Volume 09 Issue 05 (May 2022)

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Title : Analysis of the Effect of Product Completeness, Price Perception and Location Affordability on Purchasing Decisions (Survey of SRC Grocery Stores/Sampoerna Retail Community Cikupa District tangerang regenc)

Authors : Septian Arista Maulana, Daru asih

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Abstract :

This study is a causality study designed to examine the effect of product completeness, price perception and location affordability on purchasing decisions.  The data collection used in this study uses literature study methods and field studies.   The population of this study is all consumers who shop at 10 Grocery Stores SRC Cikupa District Tangerang.   The sampling method used is convenience sampling with a sample number of 71 consumers.  The data is collected using questionnaires and then processed using the SmartPLS application.  Test results showed that product completeness had a significant effect on purchasing decisions and the direction was positive.   This means that the higher the completeness of the product, the more purchasing decisions increase.   Likewise, price perception and location affordability also have a significant effect with a positive direction towards purchasing decisions.


Title : Effect of Surface Roughness on Adhesion of 67Ni18Cr5Si4B Alloy Powder Coating by High Speed Oxygen - Fuel Injection (HVOF) Method

Authors : Pham Van Lieu

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Abstract :

Currently, metal spraying technology in general and thermal spraying method in particular is still very new compared to other technologies, but has been widely applied in industries, especially in mechanical engineering, transportation, oil and gas.... Currently, metal spraying technology in general and thermal spraying method in particular is still very new compared to other technologies, but has been widely applied in industries, especially in mechanical engineering machinery, transportation, oil and gas.... Creating a coating capable of meeting working conditions such as anti-corrosion, wear-resisting, heat-resisting.... has been studied by scientists, the quality of the coating depends on many factors. In particular, the surface roughening factor is very important because it creates a mechanical connection between the steel substrate and the coating. In this paper, the author presents the process of creating surface roughness by changing the spray distance to 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, respectively, and the abrasive grain size is G16, G20, G22 respectively for the inner surface roughness range from 58.43 to 69.38 µm. When analyzing the adhesion of the coating to the base metal, the results show that the adhesion depends on the surface roughness, the adhesion is proportional to the increasing direction of the surface roughness, when the surface roughness of the substrate The higher the steel, the higher the adhesion of the coating to the substrate and vice versa.


Title : Corporate Branding Strategies: Making Identity Is No Big Deal

Authors : Dr. Chitra Joshi

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Abstract :

A company’s building block is customer trust and satisfaction. Without these customers who are satisfied with the products and services that a company offers, there would be no profit for the company.  Another factor which contributes to a company’s foundation is its corporate image.  A good image makes for a trustworthy company. If the name or brand of the company that you work for is easy to recall, and brings forth positive comments, then that means that you have a good and solid corporate image.  This is where corporate branding comes in. When you talk of corporate branding, the following factors would swiftly come to mind: the company logo; the company’s brand name – or byline, if you have one; the people working for your company – be it the workers or the superiors; and finally, the overall image that company projects.

By using corporate branding with a successfully marketed product, a company can familiarize consumers with its products and may create brand loyalty. If the public likes one product from this company, then they may seek out the brand name when buying other products. Corporate branding is usually only successful if the company is well known and sells reputable products with a positive image. One of the disadvantages of corporate branding is that the company can become identified with only one type of product.

An ancient and famous Indian proverb says: "If you don't have a goal, how can you know when you have arrived?". In order to establish and grow a corporate brand successfully, the management team has to track and measure the strength of the current corporate brand and the entire brand portfolio. Research can help understand the business landscape in more depth and serves as a foundation for the future corporate brand strategy. Modern research tools have become very sophisticated and at the same time easy to employ. There is no excuse for not trying to get a market and customer driven perspective of the brand portfolio including the corporate brand.

However, there has been little academic attempt to provide an idea of corporate branding in corporate world. With the basis of extant literature and secondary data, the present paper has made an effort to understand the basics of corporate branding in Indian context its future prospects.