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Volume 09 Issue 07 (July 2022)

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Title : Scenario Analysis of Decentralized Social Networks

Authors : Chenle Xiong

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Abstract :

P2P network has been widely used in media on demand, file sharing and other fields, but the application of P2P technology to the social field is very small. Traditional social networks have centralized servers, and P2P social networks completely remove centralized servers. Therefore, this paper briefly introduces P2P network technology, BT protocol, B coding, seed file, BT client, Kadmelia algorithm, and conducts further research on the application of P2P technology to social network through seven social scenarios.


Title : Review of Friend Recommendation Algorithms Based on User Text Data

Authors : Yuxin Qu

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Abstract :

Social networks are a powerful complement to the interaction needs of human society.  With the development of the Internet, people turn offline dating into online dating and expand our circle of friends.  The rapid development of the Internet has brought us a lot of convenience, but also caused the problem of information overload, recommendation algorithm, filter some unnecessary information, only to provide us the information we need.  The main work of this paper is to study how to obtain effective information from a large amount of text data and use this information to recommend friends to target users.  In this paper, Latent Dirichlet Allocation topic model is used to extract the topic from text data, in order to characterize the behavioral characteristics of target users, and then make friend recommendation for them.


Title : Data Segmentation Scheme for Decentralized Social Networks

Authors : Haoyue Zhang

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