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Volume 09 Issue 09 (September 2022)

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Title : Research on the Application of Municipal Green Concrete Floor Technology Based on Sponge Grass Planting Cavity

Authors : Xu Zhigang, Gao Peng, Liang Wenxian, Zheng Baorong , Hong Xiujun, Li Shuhua, Cai Zhenjie, Qi Xiaozhong, Wang Bizhen, Chen Jike

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Abstract :

The design of grid shaped cast-in-situ concrete and oval petal shaped blocks connected with each other is adopted to realize that the entire bearing layer of the floor is a network structure with stable structure, high bearing performance and high durability, forming a sponge floor system. The surface bearing body of the porous lawn concrete pavement system reinforced by continuous steel bars cast on site is a concrete pile connected at the lower part and independent at the upper part, and the bottom layer is continuous (reinforced) concrete, with the maximum bearing weight of about 60 tons. The design of connecting the surface planting cavities realizes the stable structure, high bearing performance and high durability of the lawn planting system.