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Volume 10 Issue 06 (June 2023)

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Title : The Impact of Oil Prices on Economic Activity in Cameroon

Authors : Tchantchou Wague Johan Landry, Xie Zhong, Flavia Darcy Ferreira Cabral

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Abstract :

The severity of the global economic recession that followed the oil shocks of the years 1970, prompted many studies that focused on the relationship between oil prices and economic activity. Thus, several researchers came to the conclusion that the sharp increases in oil prices are sources of economic recession. Following the same logic, this study based on annual data from the Brent price for the period 1970-2014, aims to measure the adverse or rather beneficial effects of a sharp increase in oil prices on economic growth and inflation in Cameroon. Hence, based on the VAR model (Vector Autoregressive) through impulse response functions, it helped to highlight the finding that, though the country is a net exporter of oil, increases of the oil prices have a negative impact on the economic activity. The modeling VECM (Vector Error Correction Model) through the technical co-integration has established the existence of a long- run stable relationship between oil prices, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and ICP (Index of Consumer Prices).


Title : Seismic Performance Analysis of Asymmetric High-Rise Connecting Structure under Frequent Earthquakes

Authors : Chen Bihua, Huang Xianhai

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Abstract :

The seismic response of high unsymmetrical connected structure is more complex, and its vibration response is related to the input of the earthquake and its own structure. Therefore, this paper taken a non-symmetrical high-rise connected structure as the research object, and used the general finite element software SAP2000 to establish analytical model. The mode decomposition response spectrum method and elastic time-history method were used to analyze the response of the engineering background model under the frequent earthquake.The results show that the corridor has a great influence on the seismic response of the whole structure, and the design of the corridor will reduce the drift of the partial floors. The internal force of corridor and substrate will be different under the action of different directions earthquake, and it should be considered separately in the structural design. At the same time, the results of the seismic response obtained by the two methods are in accordance with the requirements of the code. However, the seismic response of the complex connected structure is related to the input of earthquakes, and the time-history analysis results should be used to guide the design.