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Volume 10 Issue 09 (September 2023)

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Title : Research on Keyword Extraction Algorithm for Public Opinion Monitoring

Authors : Lin Xiaojie, Sun Jie

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Abstract :

This paper improves the keyword extraction technology in the field of public opinion monitoring and prediction, and proposes a method based on new word detection algorithm and sentiment analysis. Through the application of this technology in the hot events of microblog, keywords can be effectively extracted, which helps to analyze the dynamics of public opinion, and find and guide the wrong and untrue public opinion in time. Through the new word discovery algorithm, we are able to identify new words emerging in social networks and extract them as keywords. This algorithm can automatically capture the hot and influential new words, which provides a more accurate and comprehensive information basis for public opinion analysis. In addition, sentiment analysis also plays an important role in keyword extraction. We used sentiment analysis algorithm to evaluate the sentiment tendency of keywords and help judge the positive and negative emotions expressed by public opinion. This method can automatically identify and filter keywords with emotional color in a large range, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of public opinion monitoring.


Title : Analyzing the Expansion of Over the Top (OTT) Video Services in Punjab: A Consumer Behavior Study

Authors : Sidaq

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Abstract :

The rise of Over the Top (OTT) services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar has had a profound impact on the entertainment landscape in India. These platforms have not only gained widespread popularity but have also significantly altered the viewing habits of consumers globally. This study seeks to explore the shifts in content consumption patterns among Indian consumers following the advent of OTT services and to identify the key factors contributing to the success of these platforms.

The study employed a convenience sampling technique and gathered responses from 102 participants via an online survey questionnaire. The results of the research highlight that a majority of users (88%) acknowledge that the emergence of OTT platforms has influenced their television and movie-watching routines. Smartphones emerged as the preferred device for accessing OTT content, and a significant portion of viewers tends to consume content during nighttime hours.

In summary, the study suggests that the future of OTT services in India holds great promise. Both current users and non-users expressed a willingness to embrace OTT services in the coming years. The insights derived from this research can provide valuable information to the industry, shedding light on the prevailing trends in the entertainment sector post the rise of OTT platforms in the Indian market. Additionally, assessing the performance of OTT platforms across various facets of the entertainment industry can offer insights into their strengths and areas for enhancement within the Indian context.